Friday, May 29, 2009


Not a good start to a Friday morning. I had to talk to a patient's wife to tell her that I will not tolerate her yelling at my staff espically when they were not rude to her. Yes, I wasn't up there but I know my employee very well and know that he would never do that. It was confirmed when the lady left that my staff was very nice and very professional to her.

But, the day will get better and it is so close to signing for my house that I can taste it:) Oh my staff gave me a warm fuzzy on my day job. They told me that they appreciate it that I back them up! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


We had a vegatrian potluck for one of our social workers who is moving to Seattle. I believe this is the healthiest this clinic has eaten since we opened in Sept 2008!

4 days and counting. If you can't tell, I am so bloody excited that I am ready to burst. Still packing away and will continue in super sonic speed this weekend. Back is better and still fighting off whatever everyone else is getting! Got into trouble several times this week from boss but I am only a human being not God so get off my case!! It is irriating!

I went to work today with one turquoise covered nail polished thumb nail. Everybody was thinking I was crazy! I put the color on last night on 1 nail to see if the color went with my skin tone. It does but I forgot to take it off...oh well, must be different ya know! We bought this color for monkey mom but it doesn't go with her skin tone which surprises both of us cause she looks wonderful in turquoise. Go figure LOL.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A side note...

I keep forgetting how close I am to California and that I am in Pacific time. Don't ask me why that just struck me but it did!

OH, also a friend of mine from high school who I hooked back up with on Facebook, is living in Las Vegas! So, once I am done with move etc....we are hooking up! That will be so fun to see her! She was a ditz in HS and I guess she still is:) Funny how some things don't change which of course, includes myself LOL!

I am feeling really blessed lately. Yes, the back is bugging me etc but God has just worked such miracles in my life, 1. I don't have high blood pressure nor heart problems (both sides of family) 2. I bought a house. 3. My parents are still alive and mom is my best friend! 4. My brothers are both saved and are such inspirations to me, you just can't imagine!

To be where I am now is nothing short of a miracle. I have had quite the life and let me tell you my guardian angel is bruised and battered but I wouldn't be here expect by the grace of God.

May we praise him on high!

To all..

Okay, my option or it just could be my lovely computer at the day job has decieded that I can't reply to comments. So, I will see if I can do it at home so please, I am not being rude or ignoring you, I just have a technologialllllllyyyyyy error going on. Of course, it would help if I was more savvy on these things but oh well:)


I must become new fan of Enchanted Arts book on Facebook.......must remember....must remember....must remember!!!

I can't get on facebook until I get home.....................

Etsy shoppes

Okay, Viva Mexico and Funky Monkey Girls are both marked on vacation. I can ship stuff out but I need to get the shoppes updated and this break should assist with that.

Almost done with the linen closet packing. Now, I am going to pack the stuff in the bathroom we don't use on a daily basis and get that out of the way. I am still trying to get sick but fighting it thru prayer and medications. Dayquil, cough drops and next loads of OJ. I can't drink too much OJ cause it bugs my tummy but I prefer it over vitamin C pills.

I am really tired today...went to bed late so my went to bed meds are still hanging on plus I missed my coffee this morning at home. Got up late but took my shower and still got to day job on time:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 days and counting

I packed 4-5 boxes this weekend, washed laundry and took care of the back. Mom is so busy with classes she just can't help me like she did before. I am attempting to get sick so please send prayers out that I don't cause I have just too much stuff to get done. I just confirmed our movers and need to call them back because I am brain farting on my new address...dur!

I doubt if we will get anything done regarding jewelery wise or update Etsy so I am going to our stores to put an announcement on there. We should be able to still mail out because I have all of our jewelery that is on Etsy separated into another area. Getting smarter, kind of, in my old age LOLOLOL.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

May God bless our troops and to fellow veterans out there, thank you!

I am a Gulf War Veteran from the first war. Only ONE MORE WEEK until I sign for my house!! Back is still pinging but I am packing boxes. I am NOT moving the boxes however, I think that is what pinged my back out again on Saturday. It is in my lower back so I can't sit nor stand in one position too long. It gets old, let me tell you.

I just read the first 4 books in the Left Behind series....I HIGHLY reccomend that everyone should read them. It is amazing the power of our Lord!

We got our beads from Gaea..........oh her skulls are so beautiful!!!! Can't wait to make them into beautiful jewelery! wheewwwww.............

I am going to start packing the extra stuff in the kitchen in a second after I stretch out my back. Fun weekend huh?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I got the beading stuff and tables all packed away yesterday! Mom bought a bed for her use while she is here and then for my use once she leaves. Of course, I over did it so the back is rather sore! sigh....

Honestly, I just want to be healthy...sigh.

Mom will be doing some packing in the kitchen for me and I will wrap up the stuff. Today, I am hoping we can get our Etsy sites updated with new pics, we have them done but haven't done the editing etc so that is definately on the agenda espically since I can't do much lifting'/packing etc.

Lord willing my back will feel better!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Winning beads:)

We won beads....lalalalal!!! I am excited. Of course, now I want to create when I have to pack the rest of the beads this weekend. Typical creative spirit! ghessh.

It was misting out today and the mountains were totally lovely! I need to remember to always have my camera handy!

It was a rather yucky morning, short staffed today so I was working the main check in desk by myself for a while. That brought back memories of why I don't do that job anymore!! Luckly the patients were very understanding which I do appreciate it!

I have to throw out a couple of dead air mattresses. Sorry but dragging a queen size air mattress to the patio to run water by it to check for leaks doesn't work for me nor my back. It is better but I rather not push it.

I still can't believe I am purchasing a home I am so not spending any money so I can get paint etc. I still need to get to the dentist to get my crown put on. Trying to build up some more sick leave cause everybody is coming down with the crud. If I get it, I am hurting someone!!

We have pictures taken of some new jewelery so this weekend, we are going to try to update the sites, so stayed tuned:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Windows class

is officically done. Actually, I have learned a lot. Hopefully they will give me the options so I can retain this stuff in the brain LOL.

I am's third air mattress went boom this morning. It wasn't a boom just a slow fizzzzzzzz. So, off we go to Costco when I get home to purchase another one. It was looking really pregant in a spot so who only knows what the heck happened to it...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am not packing enough. sigh....I need to get going on this but the fact that I am still in my apartment until July and then the back crap has slowed me down. I can tell also cause I have gained 2 pds!!! NOT GOOD!

Work is work is work.

It is raining again here which is nice;) I do miss a whole day of misting rain showers. But that other stuff that comes from rain...NOPE! LOL

I packed one box of beads and you know what is bad, you can't even tell! I will get this organized when I move into my house. I found an awesome organizer that I can hide all my bead trays, which I need more of, at Costco. It will cover a whole wall. I am getting ideas from various people's journals that I read from here. I know that I like a fairly clean table and bead board before I can start making stuff. Mom has stuff all over the place and still she can create. I need room, I guess:)

So tonight, pick up mom, pay Verizon bill and go to grocery store. I am rather off on my diet plan so it is time to get back on it again....I am trying to walk more and I have some hand held weights that I can at least get my arms into better shape:)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I had a Window 2007 computer class today. I think that is the only formal training that I have had on the computer concerning windows/excel etc. hmmmm...interesting isn't it. Everything else was blood sweat tears and mild cursing.

I am leaving here in a few to take mom for hearing aids...hooray for me not yelling any more!! praise God!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Funky Monkey Girls Facts...

Okay a few facts about the Funky Monkey Girls, in case you were curious:

1. Mom aka Donna has always been creative. She supported the family thru her crafts when my dad lost his job when I was younger.
2. I self taught myself how to make jewelery. The only class that I took was a PMC class in San Antonio. I made wire wraps with only one pliers....I still can't use two so my loops are a bit loopey LOL :)
3. My mom & I are best friends! I highly recommend it of course when your mom tells you some stuff about herself, make sure no flies are around to hover in your mouth when it falls open in shock!
4. I was a practicing witch for 14 yrs then thanks for my wonderful family, I am back with God.
5. I taught mom how to make jewelery 3-4 years ago and look at her stuff now, it ROCKS!
6. I am the eldest and the only girl so spoiled....why yes I am.
7. I have 2 younger brothers.
8. My dad can fix almost everything:)
9. I have never been married and no kids.
10. Mom dressed funkier than I do.

Okay there you go some random facts on the Funky Monkey Girls. Have a blessed Monday!


I don't know this lady but one of my blogging friends does so she is asking for help...this is copied from her blog, cancer is evil and awful...

What is a Warrior?
***Please make sure to scroll down, after reading, to see the raffle prizes that you can win for donating. They are awesome! ***
"Cancer", "biopsy", "MRI", "CT Scan", "breast cancer", "Liver cancer", "secondary cancer", "bone marrow biopsy", "terminate your pregnancy".
Can you imagine hearing all those words in a matter of a few days?
This blog is about a woman who has had to hear those words and more.
Hi. My name is Seegal (my family and friends call me Sig). I am a cancer survivor and mother to 8. But this story is not about me. It is about my friend.
Trina is a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She is also a 16 1/2 year breast cancer survivor. Trina knows what it is like to have the world crashing down on you, as she has been through much in her lifetime. Breast cancer, the effects of being bi polar and also the agony of a miscarriage. Through it all, she has lived her life to the fullest.
One would say her life was just really beginning. She finally met the man of her dreams, Josh. They have an incredible 4 year-old son, Asa. They are a very close knit family with her mother (Kathleen/Beya), father (Ysidro/Papa) and sister Cameo's family all living within miles of her. She ran to tell them great news a month and a half ago: SHE WAS PREGNANT!
Then, a week ago, she had pain in her shoulder. The same pain she went to her Dr for earlier (and was told it was just pregnancy hormones). Her mom took her to the ER when the pain became unbearable. Unfortunately, that was the night she heard that her dreams were being destroyed. That night she learned that her "survivor" status was being upgraded to "warrior".
Trina is fighting cancer again.
It seems that the breast cancer she had, was laying dormant for quite some time, and now she has secondary cancer in her liver. We are not going to get into statistics of her prognosis, because that is all they are; statistics. Trina will fight for her life. She was given a 5-10% chance of survival before her first fight with cancer (16 1/2 years ago), and she is still here...she won! It is up to her friends and family to help her survive again.
Her faithful husband Josh already works 2 jobs. He is doing all he can to support his family. Her sister and mom will be watching her son, and Trina's job in the upcoming months will be to fight this demon.
This is where we need YOU. My friends and I are trying to raise enough money, so that Josh will be available to be home with Trina & Asa more. After all, the best thing we can do, besides pray, is to alleviate some stress of knowing they can deal financially, so that Josh can take some time off to be by his wife while she recovers from grueling tests, the very recent termination of a very wanted pregnancy and soon...chemotherapy and it's awful side effects.
We are very well aware that everyone is having a hard time. Some of us are financially strapped due to the economy, adoptions, births, loss of jobs, inflation. I personally understand as my own family is struggling due to major health issues in the last year.Perhaps you can give up a pack of gum and donate $1, or a coffee and danish and give $5, or maybe even a lunch for 2 at Burger King and donate $10. The best thing would be to give up a lunch for your family of 4 at McDonalds and donate $20. On top of that, if you have any gift cards laying around, you can send those along with the money. I know personally that gift cards are wonderful; after my husband had his heart attack we lived on gift cards that were sent to us!
You might be saying to yourself..."I feel awful, but I don't know Trina." or "I would love to, but I just can't right now." This is not only about Trina. This is about being a woman. Do you have a mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a best friend? Did you know that the statistics are that 1 in every 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in her life? Do it for them. DO it for YOU. After all, it might be you one day that needs help. Please. Do it because it is the right thing to do.
God bless you all. And may God watch over Trina and her family as they fight!
Sig, Holly, Andrea, Tracey, Julia and JillHow YOU Can HELP:
Buy a raffle ticket. To enter the raffle please click on the 'Donate' button at the top of this page(in the sidebar). The raffle tickets are 2 for $5. If you donate $25 then you will receive 10 numbers and you can divide your numbers up between any prizes that you wish. Your numbers will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your donation and a random number generator will determine the winners. After making your donation, please send an email to with the raffle prize #'s that you would like your number/numbers to go in to. Prizes are listed at the bottom of this post and will end on FRIDAY, May 22nd at 5pm.
Donate a Gift Card. If you have a gift card that you would like to send Trina please send an email to, so that we can let you know where to mail it.
Make a Donation. If you wish to make a flat donation, without entering any of the raffles, please click on the donate button at the top of the page.
Express your Support. Send her your love, prayers and thoughts by leaving a comment below.
Pray for Trina. Add her to your prayer chain.
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Please pray for TRINA...visit to see how you can help.
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Prize #1:
Picture quilt made by Gia and Nino's GmomRetail Value $300Gmom has been making picture and memory quilts for years. The winner will receive a lap quilt, which is slightly larger than a baby crib-size comforter. The winner will choose some of the fabrics to be used, and the rest of the fabrics will be coordinated by Gmom(Ursula).
Picture quilts can be washed and dried. The example pictured above has been washed and dried many times.Prize #2:One boy -OR- girl handmade chair by 'Thrones for Kids'Retail Value $150
This chair is recommended for age 4 and under. The winner will have direct contact with the maker of these awesome chairs. The winner can select a theme and colors and the chair maker will choose the fabrics. Please note that our little chair model, Kade, does not come with the chair(sorry!). He is strictly in the picture for size comparison:)Prize #3:Sterling Silver “Mommy” bracelet by MJennings Designs. Customized with Swarovski Crystals and Name of your choice. Can be customized with your child’s name or what they call you. Perfect for any Mother or Grandmother. Retail Value $35.00

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Different patterns available. Sizes from 6 months to size 8.
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Hurricane Cross by Sunday's Child by Kimberly Lang
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1. Bracelet and earrings made from natural ivory-colored tagua seeds, small silver tone beads, and barrel beads in a dusky rose/peach color that are also made from tagua. The color is paler and with a slightly browner tone than it appears in the photo. From the top of the earwire, the earrings are approximately 1 9/16" long. Hook is silver plated. The bracelet is a about 7 1/2" long from tip of hoop to tip of clasp. The beads are strung on elastic wire and Erin used a lobster-claw fastener.2. This is a tiny print made by an artist named Claudia Tremblay, who lives in a village near Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. The original is a watercolor of two Mayan women. Printed on thick watercolor paper and is about 2 7/8" X 4 1/4".
Package B:1. This pair of earrings is made from purple and mauve tagua seeds and tiny silver-toned beads. From the top of the earwire, they are 2" long. Hook is silver plated. The seeds and beads are free-moving.2. Erin made this clip by hot-gluing a piece of used corte (traditional Guatemalan skirt made on a foot loom) to a barrette, then hot-gluing on little worry dolls. The hair clip is about 2 1/4" long, not including any little arms or legs that may be sticking out :) The worry dolls on your clip will vary slightly from the one shown
Prize #11Bit of Whimsy Doll by RuthanneRetail Value $75

John Doll

May DollAren't these dolls adorable? The winner of this prize can choose between the John Doll and May Doll. The winner will be able to choose skin tone and hair color. Your child can have a doll that looks just like him/her. The winner will be have direct contact with Ruthanne.
Posted by DJ Holly Rock at 11:12 PM 12 comments
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Donate for Trina

Grab a 'Pray For Trina' Button


Trina and Josh on their wedding day

Trina and Josh

Trina and her handsome son, Asa

Trina with her Mom and Dad, Beya and Papa

Trina and Cameo, her sister

Norm and Valentina, Cameo's husband and daughter and Trina's brother-in-law and niece

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What is a Warrior?

Monday monday....

Well, we tried to go to Ikea again and my back got in the way like usual! ergh. Mom and I went to a few stores here in Tucson and delibrately got lost to look at cute neighborhoods like I enjoy doing.

Got to church on Sunday, it was a good sermon. Read a bunch of Harqulian type romances so now I really want a guy...sigh.

I have to get off my butt and pack! I have just been too immobile about it and it still hasn't hit me totally that I have a HOUSE that I am moving into. What is my problem? sheesh.

No creating anything but we did buy a cutest make up table and I showed mom what I want my bedroom to look like. I love shabby chic but only want it in my bedroom. We went looking at some second hand furniture stores for things. We bought a make up table. I finally have room for a make up table so that it rather cool:)

The back is feeling better and I am in regular shoes. It is too cold at the day work to wear sandals all the time! I swear my feet turn blue...brrrrrr.

Mom is in the same mood I am in, nothing new to do. We ate at a horrible Mexican resturant. bleck. I miss San Antonio for the great Mexican resturants! I am still looking for one here. If I find one, I will be a a faithful person, I promise!! LOL!

If you haven't guessed, I am a Christian but being a former pagan/wiccan, I don't believe in shoving my faith down people's throats. I will make comments etc but I won't shove my faith down your throat, I have HUGE problems with that.

Friday, May 15, 2009


The back issue is getting better, praise the Lord! I still feel like I am 60 but at least it no longer feels like I am 90! LOL

I did a quick stop in the grocery store and the guy had to help run my 2 bags, mind you that they had heavy things of tea in them, but I felt and looked pathic!

Praise God that a friend is going to come over to help us pack more stuff. It still hurts to bend over but it is getting better everyday. Soon, I will be back to normal pain instead of normal AND extra pain which is a pain. Okay...I will quit now, promise!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My question to you, is do we i.e. Funky Monkey Girls, have a style that is easily picked out in a group of jewelery?

I just read something in Lorelei's posted dated 5/13/09 about copyright and your sense of style in your jewelery. I was wondering, can others pick out my jewelery out of others or am I just "copying" bits of different designers that I am seeing instead of doing my style or the Funky Monkey Girls style.

I want our jewelery to be different, unique and that you can look at the piece and go oh, I know who designed that piece of jewelery. I have quite honestly really never sat down and talked about this or gave it a great deal of thought. My own style...mine, not a piece that I like from over there to add to this piece of over own style.

This is definately something that I need to think about and come up with. I need to brainstorm this with mom so we aren't "copying" pieces from people but doing our own.

This will include Frida's pictures and her images as well, I need to twist it into my style. Do you know what your style is or are you unconsiously doing what I am doing, picking up ideas from everyone else? Something to think about.......

back strain

That is what they say I have, I strained my back. Who knows how but I have been dealing with pain, spasms and more pain since Saturday. This is my first day back at work and it is going okay.

The spine is fine which is good, I have to shape up the muscles or something like that. My doctor says swimming is a good thing. Which I will do every night at my new place, here, not good too many screaming out of control children, sigh.

I used to do water exercises all the time in Texas but not here because we only have the one pool. At my Texas apartment building, they had 2, the new house, has 3 pools and what is better, I don't have to clean them or anything :) Praise God.

New jewelery hasn't been made in fact, the beads etc, will be packed up this week or next. We have movers coming but I will have them move all the heavy stuff/boxes and then mom & I can move a bunch of boxes when we can. I am also going to get someone who can clean cause I know I nor mom can. Stupid back!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

moving help

Anybody that lives in Tucson, can I beg you to help me out? I am moving into a new house June 6th and need help.

I nor my parents can lift heavy things so I will need some strong backs, arms, legs and senses of humor:)

I will pay for lunch/dinner for helping me out. I do not drink so water/soda/tea will be provided as well.

You will have my undying devotion!!!!!!!!!!


I feel that I am never going to get thru the mandatory training I have to do for the day job. I and mom figured out where our creativity has run off to...the circus for a while :) I am so busy at work and then figuring out and excitement about the house.

Please pray for my youngest brother Jeff, he is having some werid readings on his ECG. We have horrible heart problems on both sides of the family.

Back to training...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No hip surgery!!! I am glad but not thrilled because I know in the colder weather, yes we do get that here I will start hurting again.

My goofy niece has cancelled her graduation party...she is 18 and knows everything!!! Man, I would have one to get some money! She lives in MN and has attitude.

So this means that mom will be here when I sign my life away on June 1st then dad will be coming down on June 5th! Paint shall proceed!

Ms Margaret got her box of new jewelery and is loving it and sending a check in which I am loving it as well.

I was in the creating mood than I got my nose in a book that was it.

Monday, May 4, 2009


That is pretty cool. I am at the day job going thru these workshops on line. I have to get thru 9 in the next couple of days. Actually, I do have until the end of July but boss is putting on some pressure. These are a pain. bleck, rather be beading!

The best laid plans of mice and monkeys

We didn't get to Phoenix at all. I did find a HUGE purplish chair on sale which is sitting and taking up most of my living room. I packed 2 boxes and will pack some more tonight. It kind of feels rather surreal to me since this is my first house and I just can't get some of my brain wrapped around it. Once I moved in and start painting than I should realize that it is mine and I don't have to move again and I can do with it what I want!!! :)

Mom finally got some cute clothes this weekend. She works at home and I think she feels that she doesn't deserve cute clothes but the daughter thinks she does!!!

One thing that I noticed, is as women, do you grab your breasts when talking about them or bras? I saw that Saturday when mom brought some new clothes, we were talking about bras and all the women were grabbing their boobs. I brought that up and we all giggled about it. The one guy in the store proably had a great moment at that time LOL

I keep forgetting to bring my camera in so I can post my new hair pictures and y'all can see what I look like. I will get a picture of both of us on here sometime:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

eurka moment

I know where mom and I's creativity has disappeared to, it is in a lovely dish waiting for us to quit thinking about house stuff:) At least, that is where I am hoping it is at because if it left the building, it will be rather hard to find.

I found out that there was shooting at my apartment complex! Okay, very freaking out at this moment! There are a lot of older folks and many who aren't very molble living there and I worry about them. We had a security guard at night but no weapon? He isn't going to be too effective! Oh Lord, give everyone protection at my apartment complex and keep them from harm.

I am quite grumpy at day job land. Flu stuff, provider stuff, changing/setting up clinic stuff....ARGH!!!! Happy it is Friday!

Our weekend plans are going to Ikea in Phoenix to check out furniture. Art stuff in our lives, we have TONS of "worry dolls" and thinking of ways to display them in jewelery etc.....ideas are starting to flow togther. Box of goodies sent to Margaret's store. I need to get more things together for the museum as well than that package will be sent out.