Friday, May 22, 2009

Winning beads:)

We won beads....lalalalal!!! I am excited. Of course, now I want to create when I have to pack the rest of the beads this weekend. Typical creative spirit! ghessh.

It was misting out today and the mountains were totally lovely! I need to remember to always have my camera handy!

It was a rather yucky morning, short staffed today so I was working the main check in desk by myself for a while. That brought back memories of why I don't do that job anymore!! Luckly the patients were very understanding which I do appreciate it!

I have to throw out a couple of dead air mattresses. Sorry but dragging a queen size air mattress to the patio to run water by it to check for leaks doesn't work for me nor my back. It is better but I rather not push it.

I still can't believe I am purchasing a home I am so not spending any money so I can get paint etc. I still need to get to the dentist to get my crown put on. Trying to build up some more sick leave cause everybody is coming down with the crud. If I get it, I am hurting someone!!

We have pictures taken of some new jewelery so this weekend, we are going to try to update the sites, so stayed tuned:)


  1. ooo! from where did you win beads? how fun!

  2. From Loreli's blog....They are beautiful!!! Go check it out:)