Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Picture by Jolene Hardy
I am still miffed about people stealing other people's products. I consider Andrew Thornton a friend and it makes me extremely angry when people mess with my friends/family. ARGH!!!!! I put our shops on Etsy on vacation mode until we can get really good pictures taken and update the site with the new pictures & our new jewelery:)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Grey and gloomy day

Picture by Jolene Hardy (a beautiful sunny day in Tucson....we miss those!)
another yucky day.......I am going to have to turn on every light etc in my house to take new pictures of our product for Etsy!!!!!!! This is insane!

What is WRONG with people....

Now I just read Gae's blog & her skull design(which is awesome & we use a lot of her designs in our work) was ripped off and actually featured in the back of the Fire Mountain Gem catalog! I would think that the magazines/catalogs etc would double check their sources of items to be sure that they are the orignal designers...

Mom teaches on-line and she has noticed that her students have being plagism everything!! She flunks them...........Is this the "new" thing????

I feel a lot for these people, they make a living from selling their product. This is plain WRONG.

Green Girl Studios

They are being ripped off. They are such delightful and wonderful people who make such magical and wonderful items, I just can't believe it.

Please e-mail/call everyone that you know about this company www.foreversilver.com and let them know NOT to purchase ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!

You can see the ripped off Green Girl Designs on the bottom of where they have buddas and hand of fatima designs......Please help us support Green Girl Studios and spread the word!!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bull Mastiff

Picture by Jolene Hardy
Well, we think Molly our new goofy dog whom we adopted from the Humane Society is a Bull Mastiff. HUGE dogs but very docile, sweet tempered and a bit bull headed. For females, when she grows up, she will be between 100-120 pds!!!!!! HOLY HANNA BATMAN! Ms Molly and Ms Sadie are doing wonderfully together & Tom & I are happy about that.

Mom is still here and hopefully we can do some more beading tomorrow night & then picture taking on Sunday.

It is a beautiful day here in Tucson and believe it or not, I have a bad case of spring fever!!! I never thought I would experience that here but I am!

Here is a great website with both pictures and information about Ms Molly:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New stuff to learn

Mom & I are learning how to make our own discs & hammer them into the thing that makes it dome:) That was a lot of fun and got out much frustation. We love the UV resin and since we both live in fairly sunny places, her Florida, me Tucson and it is less smelly than ICE Resin...

This weekend on Sunday we will take new jewelery pictures for Etsy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

making and experimenting.....

pretty flowers on the side of the road in Texas, picture by Jolene Hardy
Mom & I are having a lot of fun making, baking and experimenting with some of the wonderful items purchased from the bead shows here in Tucson. Now, the sun is finally out, new pictures will be snapping with our new marco discovery:) oh boy.............I get my hair cut tonight, finally! I hate it when it gets long & yucky. I am sure I will have to color it as soon as I get it cut cause of all the gray hair I am finding, sigh. I love my wisdom but this old body needs to go away LOLOLOL...

I am actually thinking about putting both Etsy stores on vacation until we can get going on these pictures.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010


My sneaky man, gave me a diamond ring yesterday :) I was so excited that I dropped the ring and then it took me a little while to find it. He is such a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another great day!

Picture by Jolene Hardy
Mom and I hit some more Tucson shows and went back to the ones we were at on Monday:) It has been a great day. Wonderful weather! I am going to chat with the powers that be for MarsCon 2011 to see if they will invite Andrew Thornton to be the artist guest of honor. His work is awesome and I was selling the idea to him today at the Green Girl Table. At MarsCon we usually have the same artists of painted variety so I think it would be horribly cool if we could have a jewelery designer variety. I think they will listen to me, I only started this darn convention anyway!!!

Mom is now working and I have to go back to the grind of day job tomorrow. bleck.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Molly's butt (our newest addition) with Sadie hoping that Tom will feed them:)
You won't believe this....we figured out that Tom's camera has macros on it...oh gheesh. I only have been reading about taking better pictures etc, and all the articles are stating about a marco setting. Well, sheesh, mom & I feel like stupid dorks. But now we found it and still feel like dorks!!!!!!! Oh gheesh!!!

Well behold....pictures will start being awesome very soon!!!!