Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No hip surgery!!! I am glad but not thrilled because I know in the colder weather, yes we do get that here I will start hurting again.

My goofy niece has cancelled her graduation party...she is 18 and knows everything!!! Man, I would have one to get some money! She lives in MN and has attitude.

So this means that mom will be here when I sign my life away on June 1st then dad will be coming down on June 5th! Paint shall proceed!

Ms Margaret got her box of new jewelery and is loving it and sending a check in which I am loving it as well.

I was in the creating mood than I got my nose in a book that was it.


  1. well this was quite a few years ago, but i didn't want to have a grad party either - i felt it was just a way to beg for money. duh! what was i thinking?????

  2. Money baby.....:) Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday:)