Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Etsy shoppes

Okay, Viva Mexico and Funky Monkey Girls are both marked on vacation. I can ship stuff out but I need to get the shoppes updated and this break should assist with that.

Almost done with the linen closet packing. Now, I am going to pack the stuff in the bathroom we don't use on a daily basis and get that out of the way. I am still trying to get sick but fighting it thru prayer and medications. Dayquil, cough drops and next loads of OJ. I can't drink too much OJ cause it bugs my tummy but I prefer it over vitamin C pills.

I am really tired today...went to bed late so my went to bed meds are still hanging on plus I missed my coffee this morning at home. Got up late but took my shower and still got to day job on time:)


  1. Good luck with your move; it can be such a headache but so nice when it is over.

  2. Very soon my friend....2 days and counting:)