Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My question to you, is do we i.e. Funky Monkey Girls, have a style that is easily picked out in a group of jewelery?

I just read something in Lorelei's posted dated 5/13/09 about copyright and your sense of style in your jewelery. I was wondering, can others pick out my jewelery out of others or am I just "copying" bits of different designers that I am seeing instead of doing my style or the Funky Monkey Girls style.

I want our jewelery to be different, unique and that you can look at the piece and go oh, I know who designed that piece of jewelery. I have quite honestly really never sat down and talked about this or gave it a great deal of thought. My own style...mine, not a piece that I like from over there to add to this piece of over own style.

This is definately something that I need to think about and come up with. I need to brainstorm this with mom so we aren't "copying" pieces from people but doing our own.

This will include Frida's pictures and her images as well, I need to twist it into my style. Do you know what your style is or are you unconsiously doing what I am doing, picking up ideas from everyone else? Something to think about.......


  1. HI ladies
    I apologize if my post made you feel paranoid about your designs!! That wasn't my intent!

  2. Maybe I was being paranoid...LOL! But your post brought up good thinking at least on my part about designs and how to make your product stand out like your product. I guess that is what I was more concerned about and not copying people...:) Thanks!!!