Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

May God bless our troops and to fellow veterans out there, thank you!

I am a Gulf War Veteran from the first war. Only ONE MORE WEEK until I sign for my house!! Back is still pinging but I am packing boxes. I am NOT moving the boxes however, I think that is what pinged my back out again on Saturday. It is in my lower back so I can't sit nor stand in one position too long. It gets old, let me tell you.

I just read the first 4 books in the Left Behind series....I HIGHLY reccomend that everyone should read them. It is amazing the power of our Lord!

We got our beads from Gaea..........oh her skulls are so beautiful!!!! Can't wait to make them into beautiful jewelery! wheewwwww.............

I am going to start packing the extra stuff in the kitchen in a second after I stretch out my back. Fun weekend huh?

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  1. hi girls...
    congrats on the house.... :)
    hope all is well
    mona & the girls