Monday, May 4, 2009

The best laid plans of mice and monkeys

We didn't get to Phoenix at all. I did find a HUGE purplish chair on sale which is sitting and taking up most of my living room. I packed 2 boxes and will pack some more tonight. It kind of feels rather surreal to me since this is my first house and I just can't get some of my brain wrapped around it. Once I moved in and start painting than I should realize that it is mine and I don't have to move again and I can do with it what I want!!! :)

Mom finally got some cute clothes this weekend. She works at home and I think she feels that she doesn't deserve cute clothes but the daughter thinks she does!!!

One thing that I noticed, is as women, do you grab your breasts when talking about them or bras? I saw that Saturday when mom brought some new clothes, we were talking about bras and all the women were grabbing their boobs. I brought that up and we all giggled about it. The one guy in the store proably had a great moment at that time LOL

I keep forgetting to bring my camera in so I can post my new hair pictures and y'all can see what I look like. I will get a picture of both of us on here sometime:)


  1. I think we all do the grabbing thing!

  2. I do the grabbing thing at home, when I'm around my husband or female friends. Only sometimes around male friends, and definitely not out in the store! Then again, I usually bra-shop by myself, so it would look really weird if I was grabbing my boobs!

    Congrats on the purple chair, it sounds awesome!