Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Funky Monkey Girls
Viva Mexico

Viva mexico

Funky Monkey Girls

Hooray, more updated yummys are now in our Etsy shoppes....check them out & here is a small sampling. Our Facebook is up and running as well.

Fiscal year

It is fast approaching the end of the fiscal year for my day job. So I am trying to get a bunch of things accomplished! argh........

I am still updating our facebook page so hopefully I won't get as tired as I did last night so I can get it up & running!

Also along with facebook, I need to shoot more pictures for Etsy....but like I stated, tons of jewelery and not on Etsy yet:) At least Tom's camera is pretty good for taking jewelery pictures. I just wish I had photoshop. I am definately going to save pennies for a new computer. My inheirated laptop is okay but I get so frustated with the dumb thing cause it is SO slow & does very odd stuff when you are in the middle of doing things...

Monday, September 28, 2009


It is Monday & I am facing it with joy. I got down in the dumps last couple of weeks and decieded that no-one was making me grumpy or down, I was doing it to myself....so new change of attitude was definately needed.

I did get a bunch more jewelery photo and added to our shoppes. Now, I am giving serious thought to opening yet another shop in Artfire. I am hoping that our product will move better than then it has on Etsy lately.

ANOTHER awesome thing, I got a beautiful antique looking emerald engagement ring from Tom!! The pictures are on the computer at home so I will put them on here later. I LOVE IT!!

I have picked up a great book about getting your jewelery business started etc. I am devouring it and intend to put much of what she wrote into practice. I have beautiful and unique pieces that I am not selling, so I am trying to figure out the issues. I am working on photography and do realize that is a major one.....Must learn from Margot Potter to be a selfless self promoter! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Excitement for today

I was contacted by a wonderful lady who reads this blog and noticed our jewelery and wants us to do a show in Arizona:) I am thrilled and very very flattered!

http://www.ecolivingfest.org/ is the website. I can only do one day but there is always next year!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Updated Etsy stores

This super cool necklace is now listed in Vivamexico in Etsy......
Our 2 stores Funky Monkey Girls and Vivamexico have been updated...please check them and shop and of course buy often:)

Okay better

Another cool pendant in the back of a pocket watch.
My steam punk pendant, this one turned out wonderfully!

This one did have a flat backed swarovski crystal on it, after resin, it looks like a mirror...that bubble looking thing is just a reflection, it is not on the pendant. The first picture doesn't have it on there.

Now, these are my items from playing with ICE resin....what do y'all think?

Alright, got home & listed some items in both Etsy shoppes Funky Monkey Girls and Vivamexico so I feel better that way:)
All pictures and jewlery items were done/taken by Jolene Hardy Funky Monkey Girls and copywrited as such.

Life stuff

I haven't been on the computer much, nor making jewelery much nor feel like talking to people. Doing a great deal of thinking and will be praying on it later, life changes. Not getting married but my day job. I work at a corrupt place from the top on down. I find it increasly difficult to work here. So, I am weighing all options & will be doing some praying on it later. I have enough years in to retire but I am too young....I think it is time to go do something else that doesn't bother me ethically. Yes, I protect my staff when I can but it appears that is being taken away from me as well. Not from my boss or any type of punishment just the way the system is.....

Please pray that I receive direction from God to know where he wants my path to go.

Friday, September 18, 2009

weekend & stuff

Graveyard at Tombstone.
Horrible day at day job and no computer at Tom's house so no posting of me until maybe Sunday sometime. Have a wonderful weekend all & may God bless!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

quickie update

Busy, busy at day job. Taking pictures tonight for upload on Etsy. Mom made it to New Mexico just fine & I am enjoying my bed.......:)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Boy I am tired....too many nights on the couch. Mom leaves tomorrow, I will miss her but looking forward to getting my bed back! I can NOT do this anymore. My neck is starting to hurt again so sorry mom, I love you but I have to work at work & I need my rest. Mom is lucky that she works at home.

This is a cute picture that mom took of Tom & I. No beading was done last night but disaster was stopped in the nick of time. I over poured the resin in some things & we both thought it was stuck to the wood where I put stuff on to dry. A little prying with a butter knife and we were still good since the resin wasn't completely dry yet....yikes!

Oh, don't use swarovski flat backs crystals with resin either....it now looks like a little mirror instead of a crystal. I wonder if I would have deco podged it would that have happened?

All sorts of new things being learned here & it is fun:)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back from vacation

Mom & I had such fun. Shopping for beads and yes, I have found my wedding dress!! It is beautiful! Mom bought it for me:) Now, Tom has mom, brother, sister-in-law & nephew approval. My other brother lives in Minnesota and may not be done here & then it is the dad. Yes, my dad who still thinks I am 5 and I don't need a man, they are trouble & you will get hurt:) We will break that news to him in November after he meets Tom.

Beading news: We used my ICE resin for the first time. THAT STUFF STINKS! OH MY LORD IT WAS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our finished projects look great, will take pictures but sheesh, nasty nasty smell. I should have done it outside but I don't want dirt in my resin & I do live in Arizona. I had every fan, windows open to get rid of that smell, yuck. It is so easy to work with but the odor, oh boy.

I said congrats to Greg from Green Girls Studios about their upcoming little boy:) Such a talented family & of course, bought more Green Girl stuff. Mom actually made some jewelery that is pretty steam punk looking! I almost fell out of my chair:) Go monkey mom go!!

The meeting went great with mom & Tom & Sadie:) Sadie was all loving on mom, ignored me except when I had food, then I got her attention again, goofy dog:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Too much stuff going on at day job, praise the Lord that I have vacation soon! I pick up mom at the airport tonight then off to bead show here in Tucson. I have a bad attitude today, please pray that it goes away but I am so sick of people that I am going to scream and run away!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day after Labor Day

Monkey dad(he turned 70 today)
Monkey mom...

Well, the brother's family made it safely here and got home safely too. They blew out a tire driving down the freeway so it was a little scary! The car is damaged, need a new bumper but the people nor the doggie were!

It was so nice to have them over. They loved my house & more important, they love Tom:) I got thumbs up!!! Hooray!

Now, Tom was suppose to go and pick out my engagement ring by himself but that changed I got to go with him....oh it is so beautiful and since it is custom, it needs to be made then he will get it in Feb/March. Hopefully I will get it before I go to MarsCon in MN in March:) LOLOLOL........I spent part of a day with him yesterday.

Very busy couple of weeks with relatives visiting, tomorrow monkey mom shows up and he will meet her also:) Dad still doesn't really know about the engagement etc, we are trying to break him in slowly cause I am the only girl and he is being a daddy and acting like I am still 12 yrs old:) That is okay....:)

Friday, September 4, 2009


Zoo at dayjob. It appears like it will storm so this is a quicky...Tom is looking/buying engagement ring this weekend. My brother Jeff and his family will be here tomorrow so that will be fun:)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pain clinic & RAIN!

Okay I went to my group pain clinic appointment today. Filled out more paperwork and then she discussed pain clinic etc. I have an appointment to meet with the nurse/pharmacist to discuss my individual pain issues 10/13. I also asked if I could get my pain care from someone other that my main provider. I love my doctor BUT I also work with my doctor so it is hard for me to be aggressive in my pain care when I have to have a professional relationship with him as well.


Tom, the love of my life, bought me a pre paid cell phone so my next cell phone bill won't be $400.00. He rocks my world and I love him dearly.

WE GOT THE CHAPEL AT THE GALLERY OF THE SUN! We are planning a very intimate wedding, around 20 people and then a bigger reception. I don't want anything huge but I still want the wedding and my dad bringing me down the aisle. :) First time getting married and I will be 45 then. I am finally ready....:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A cloudy day

I am so busy that this will be short..........welcome new readers:) Day job is sucking and I am ready to go pound heads, sigh. I hate being a manager sometimes...it gets old.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No win for monkeys this Tuesday

Oh well, keep on trying:) I will list that piece in my shop on Etsy, maybe, I really love it and it is so comfortable to wear, very light. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will this monkeys empire!! (please read to the sounds of the dark side of the force in star wars...LOLOLO)

It has been a crummy awful evil morning at day job. I am going to pray that God will switch that around and give me the wisdom when I am in a meeting this afternoon to be postive and try to offer up different soluctions...amen!

I will survive!!!!!!!!