Thursday, May 28, 2009


We had a vegatrian potluck for one of our social workers who is moving to Seattle. I believe this is the healthiest this clinic has eaten since we opened in Sept 2008!

4 days and counting. If you can't tell, I am so bloody excited that I am ready to burst. Still packing away and will continue in super sonic speed this weekend. Back is better and still fighting off whatever everyone else is getting! Got into trouble several times this week from boss but I am only a human being not God so get off my case!! It is irriating!

I went to work today with one turquoise covered nail polished thumb nail. Everybody was thinking I was crazy! I put the color on last night on 1 nail to see if the color went with my skin tone. It does but I forgot to take it off...oh well, must be different ya know! We bought this color for monkey mom but it doesn't go with her skin tone which surprises both of us cause she looks wonderful in turquoise. Go figure LOL.


  1. well, now my back hurts! i think it's from carrying around a heavy tote bag while we were on holiday. ha! won't be doing much until it stops hurting :(