Monday, May 24, 2010

This weekend

Well, I got some stuff actually:) I got some pretty things for my studio on the quest to make it a great place & funky place to get inspiration:) I bought a sewing machine, I wanted one for a while so now I can really venture out to mix media creations, I am so EXCITED!!!!

I also got plants/flowers & catus for the yard. IT was so windy on Sunday that we only got a few items planted in planters and put out.

Tonight, I am determined to get more creations & pictures & updating Etsy. Mom will have to bring Ms Diva Peaches out. We have started howling is pretty darned funny. She is starting to play play more & it is so cool to see her sweet & GOOFY personality coming out:)

almost done with work. I am so glad my tests are at the end of this week. I just took a nitro earlier. That stuff gives you a kick arse headache but after you take it, my heart feels much better. The Lord is with me, praise Jesus!

Friday, May 21, 2010

health, wealth & inspiration

Picture from MarsCon 2009...I had to throw a George L in here...
Well, I had my cardiac stress test on Monday....not fun. With women, those can come up with a false postive, which means, it did look like I could have a heart attack or somewhat blocked vessels or it is from my weight. Well, I have lost 38 pds but never had the current weight put into my chart until today.

Because of the false postive, I am scheduled for a cardiac cath on 5/28. Please pray that this procedure goes well & figures out what my next step will be. I am on heart medication so that should begin helping as well.

Wealth....will come thru God along with the inspiration. I am being so calm about everything and usually I am worrying my red head about it. The Lord is so working miracles in my life that it is so wonderful!

Creating, we are aiming for tonight & Ms Peaches will be with us so we will know if she has to pee. She doesn't indicate that very well, just really intense stares, which she does for everything! I need to get her one of those dog translators like they had in "Up", great movie, go see it.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Well, now you can see what I look like........pic on bottom of blog. I am tired of the look of our blog so I really need to figure out what exactly to do with it?

Hmmmmmm...........had a brilliant thought, mom & I are going to get stencils & stuff to make my studio walls funky! Plus, working on making a valance for both in studio & living room. Mom has also been crafting so I learned by watching her. Her jewelery is beautiful all so! I love you mom!

I hand made a mother's day card for her, that was fun. I am coming into work briefly on Sunday. I have so much to do and my neck is starting to burn so I am switching things to do. It is a great day and I thank Jesus for that!


1. I am going to get our jewelery stats into Etsy stores.
2. We are going to take more pictures of jewelery & get them uploaded.
3. Create some
4. Pet, pet, walkies, walkies, pet, pet, feed, feed, potty, potty Ms Diva:)

Have a blessed weekend & I have a cardiac stress test on Monday, keeping fingers crossed that it is good:)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Health Jewelery and more........

Miss Peaches Diva...:)
Well, I had my upper GI on ulcer but they are checking if I am gluten intolerant. More testing to come.

Monkey mom is doing great. We actually created last night so the creative fairy was there but got chased out by jealous basset hound who thinks she is the diva of the house and sadly, momma diva thinks so too:)

Day job is getting insane but I can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I don't comment in your blog or on my blog it is because this computer is blocking it. I am reading everything but this computer is being rather annoying!

Friday, May 7, 2010

quick post

@Jolene Hardy, can not be used without permission.
Mom is coming into town on Sunday. I have a bunch of tests/etc because my iron and blood work is NOT good at all. Hopefully when they do the Upper GI test on Monday, it will show what the heck is going on!

With mom here, comes her computer which is awesome so we or aka I can get descriptions etc updated at home. No time at day job!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Pictures copyrighted by Jolene/Donna Hardy; Funky Monkey Girls and Viva Mexico

These are some raw and unedited pictures of jewelery that are in Viva Mexico and Funky Monkey Girls, I need to get in & update on Etsy as well.

My body is really tired. I can't just take Peaches out, fall asleep, have her get me back up in hour to go outside again and think I am going to get decent sleep again. That experiment is not working and I felt better if I just stayed up.
We had a yucky weather thing going on here in Tucson, it wasn't fun at all.