Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday...just another day.

here is where we want to get married at:) cool!!
Well, it is late on Monday, thank God today went by fast!! Another hot day in Tucson and I spent a wonderful weekend with Tom and the monkey dog named Sadie:) Tom & I went to the Gallery of the Sun and we are planning on getting married there next year! DeGrazia made the cutest little chapel and Tom & I love that idea. I have never been married and I am not longer in my 20's so I rather have a small intimate wedding, nice reception and one kick butt honeymoon!

I was never one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding so I don't have the foggiest idea on what to do. I am looking at wedding gowns but they all look alike....BORING!

No beading at all this weekend...watching really bad movies on the sci fi channel. Oh, they just sucked but you can't turn the channel!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Sunset viewed in my backyard...
Oh thank God it is Friday. It has been a very long week dealing with very very rude and grumpy people at day job.........sigh.

I am off to Tom's house for the weekend. We are planning on doing some running around on Saturday then Sunday, it is church. I am PMS'ing which doesn't help ye olde mood either, sigh.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sheesh, I forgot to blog about something.....for once!

oh, Mr Kotter, Mr Kotter!!! Okay, fine yes I am so showing my age but too bad:) I created something totally outside of what I usually make:) I was going to photo it last night but I need to buy some more batteries for my precious Tom's camera. Yes, he does realize that he may never get it back ever again........anyway back to the aha moment.

I had a domino bead in which I mod podged a Frida self portrait on it, then on the front, I put a F sticker, a flat back swarovski crystal and a pair of wings that I got from Art Girls. Then I wired an old optical lens on it so it pops the is really cool and very different from what I have done before.

I will pick up more batteries tonight after I get done with my CT scan of my head. Just checking the sinuses........I get tons of infections and sinus headaches and yes, I have tons of sinus surgies also so they just want to make sure everything is okay including to check if my brain is still there hee,heeeeeeeeeeee

Watch out one black night in Tucson, if you see me screaming I need brains, may I humbly suggest that you run NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Link to win Green Girl beads!!-go to Art Scene Blog...

**Horrible at linking stuff I am, go see Art Scene Blog dated 8/27/09:

The good folks over at Green Girl Studios sent us this awesome little collection of mermaid charms and pendants as a fun giveaway for our readers! How perfect, since waves and the ocean are this month's inspiration. This giveaway is separate from our monthly challenge. In fact we are making it so easy to win, everyone has a chance!How can I win that sweet stash?Your name can be entered into our drawing twice.One entry: leave a comment to this post. Yep, it's that easy!A bonus entry: blog, facebook or twitter about this post and leave a comment to let us know you did the deed!I will draw one random name on Monday. So you have until Sunday night to enter.
You know those beads are calling your name!
Did you know that Green Girl Studio's is hosting a mixed media design contest to celebrate the release of Cynthia's book, Enchanted Adornments?Here are the details, deadline is October 1st.And don't forget:
You have 5 days left to enter Soft Flex's Flex Your Creativity contest featuring their Trios wire combinations. Deadline is September 1st!
Enter the Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge to win bead from Elaine Ray and Patty Lakinsmith. Deadline is August 31st.
And spaces are filling up on the Bead Cruise, don't get left behind! Grab those beads and head to the high seas for 7 days of beading fun with me and our instructors: Melanie Brooks, Margie Deebs, Barb Switzer, Bevelry Herman and Mary Hettmansperger. Visit the website for all the details.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ABS challenge

here is the picture of the necklace that I just put into their contest....we shall see what happens? Doesn't that fiber bead just rock!!! Made for me by the wonderful EBrown 2503 from Etsy...

Favorite Etsy store..

This is his pottery Frida piece made for us, cool tattoo and on my broken ankle:)
Please say hi to cyrusthepotter! He is from northern MN and mom stopped into his shop one day and totally loved everything in it. We have ordered commission items from him that we use in our jewelery.

Link to his shop above and he is a wonderful man and a Christian...

My life......

You know, my life is pretty darned great even with all the bills from the new house:) I am basically healthy, my day job is good (even though I seem to whine about it a lot), I make jewelery and fenturing out of my niche, so to speak and the new man in my life is wonderful. Yep, it is official, I am head over heels with Tom.

yesterday, he drove home, 30 minutes one way, to grab the Sadie monster(his dog) and drove to my house another 30 minutes just to cook dinner for us. He knows that I can't drive that well in the dark and made this effort because he missed me. TALK ABOUT MIND BLOWING!!!! No one that I have ever dated has done this type of stuff for me.............I mean NO ONE! I never believed in soul mates before and thought that it was all, I do.

I finally got my special art beads last night & created my piece to enter into the art scene contest. I did take some pictures last night but will take more tonight & then send them in:) I am really excited about it....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogs and visions...

I have been reading Nina Bagley's blog....she is such an inspiriation! wow....well, I made a necklace with the read nest on it...I will post a picture of it hopefully tomorrow sometime. I have to get brave and use my is the easy resin stuff but need to throw everything together so I don't waste any of it.....Hopefully tomorrow after I put some rings for sale at Copper Country. I am also thinking about selling them on Etsy once I get more money so I can buy some more of the ring part.....


We sold another piece from VivaMexico and it will be on it's merry way to Austrila:) that is just too cool for words.

I am feeling better and much less groggy today, I didn't take my muscle relaxer today so I actually kind of feel normal for once:) hooray!

I forgot my vitamin at home, dur...will take it tonight and Tom and Sadie are coming over and he is fixing pork chops, potatoes and salad. Oh, I love a man that cooks:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day........

I am freezing away in my office...brrrrrr, at least I have a sweater in here when the AC starts to get overwhelming. But this is a good thing because I no longer have my TENS unit on, hooray but I am on muscle relaxers and trying to stay awake is quite hard.

The pain is getting better, my shoulder still is painful whenever I take a deep breath but it isn't the type of pain I had before when I doubled over cause it hurt so darned bad!!!!!!!! I refused to give up the battle against Fibromyglia and I will feel better darn it!

I am starting with a multi vitamin and calcium with iron and magnesium in it. Mom looked up natural things on the computer to assist with muscles spasms and one of them stated to take more magnesium, so today is day 2 of the vitamins. Tom is a wonderful man, he washed my kitchen floor for me...he is so a keeper:)

Now to business news, one of 0ur bracelets from vivamexico was in a Etsy treasury this weekend:) I didn't get to see it but mom did. I wrote the person who put us in there a great thank you note. I did receive some items from sacred kitsch and I will put them to use soon. I have to order somemore dominos. Mom loves the ones that I made (thanks Margot for giving me the courage to do so) that are in the Funky Monkey Girls shoppe in Etsy. Tonight, I go and pay a bill and take more pictures and start getting my studio organized. It is a mess and it is driving me nuts!

Friday, August 21, 2009

rain rain come again:)

Well, it has the appearance, the rumbling and the clouds with a dusting of rain pellets to state, here I come.....let's hope so because we sure can use it. One of my minions is moving this weekend so he isn't thrilled about it but as he states, "no one nor my stuff will melt" as I state, "as long as they aren't the wicked witch of the west"!

I have been ready Nina Bagley journal & seeing her work. I am truly humbled by her words, the ways she expresses herself and her jewelery, I wish I could create as brightly as her! WOW!!

I should have my camera here today, the sky is so awesome looking and truly reminds you of God's great glory! I can't understand how some people could think that this was all brought to us by a bang?

Well, if I can't leave here early to go to the main VA to pick up a couple of meds, then I will leave @1630 after my tour is done and pray that there aren't any floods etc because Precious is low to the ground and I don't have any paddles to pladdle to work if the heavy monsoons hit!


Praise God it is Friday and payday. hooray! I am waiting to talk to my doctor about uping my pain medicaiton to something a bit stronger so I can keep sleeping. I feel great when I first wake up and then it goes down hill, sigh.

I didn't create last night but did update Funky Monkey Girls Etsy shoppe with a few more things. I am so loving Tom's camera that I may keep it forever, of course he is not aware of it yet LOLOLOL

He is coming over tomorrow and the first thing he is going to do, is rub my back, you can't imagine how I am SO looking forward to that:)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just some pics.....

Tucson mountains
On the way to Old Tucson studios

Downtown Tucson

A mission in San Antonio TX

Taken in San Antonio TX

All pictures taken by Jolene Hardy and copyrighted as such.

today.......I am at day job...

**This is a mission in San Antonio TX** Pic by Jolene.
Well, I SLEPT THRU THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!!!!!!! Praise God! I was on the phone with mom last night & we are believing in reflexalogy so she looked up shoulder pain and I pressed and rub the heck of the ouchiness that was my little toe! That and the fact that I took a super hot tub soak plus with perocet help me sleep all night. It was wonderful!

I am feeling the urge to create believe it or not! I wonder if I am going to make jewelery that is full of spikes and other things to reflect the pain that I am still in? Wouldn't that be interesting?

I am so wishing it was Friday today but it isn't :( At least I am getting work done at the day job so that is a good thing, sometimes LOLOLOL

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Etsy photos

Okay here are the pics of the jewelery that are now up in Etsy...what do you think?


I have been having loads of problems with my left shoulder. I have a very bad back spasm/strain and nothing I am doing is helping with the pain nor can I sleep. I finally went to the ER last night because I could NOT take the amount of pain that I was in. They checked to make sure that I wan't having a heart attack, woman display heart attack symtons totally different than men, and my doctor gave me some perocet. Mind you, my t4 came in that mail yesterday and weren't touching it. I got back home around 0530 and fell asleep finally.

I am still really hurting now but at least with the perocet, I will be able to sleep. This sucks and now, back to the regular beading portion of this show. The etsy shoppes are totally updated and I will put some pics up on the pics that I got from using Tom's camera...

PS Please pray for me that they will be able to do something to help me out with this pain issue. I haven't had pain like this EVER!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Updated on Etsy

Finally, got some update on Etsy in both Funky Monkey Girls and Vivamexico etsy shoppes:) Tom's camera takes really awesome pictures:) hooray! I have some more to edit which hopefully I will get to tonight.

In TONS of pain today so I am wearing my TENS unit, kind of helping and waiting for my pain meds, sigh.....I am so relating to Frida Kahlo right now.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I must apologize for not answering back posts right computer won't let me on some people, strange. I forget to check this at home but I will start:)

I had a pretty good weekend despite the fact that I could hardly sleep due to my severe shoulder pain due to Fibromyglia....I just asked my doctor to write a consult so I can be seen in pain clinic, what I am doing now isn't working all that well.

The man aka Tom was over this weekend w/the full of seperation anxiety doggie Sadie, we are working on that, so it was stay home weekend. We went for walkies and washed cars, I thought Precious was going to die of "Oh my ghosh, she is actually cleaning the outside of me?" Precious is my 2005 mustang, whom I must get my oil changed today. His car got nice & cleaned as well. We played Scrabble and after I won, I had to promise not to use his scrabble tiles for jewelery, but I did find a place where I can order them (hee,heee). We took a bunch of jewelery pictures using his camera so tonight, I call the monkey mom to remind me how to get them cropped etc so I can list them in our Etsy stores. Loads of Day of the Dead jewelery will be posted soon:)

I am hurting mightly today so I smell like Icey Hot, sigh, luckily for me, I don't mind that smell.

Kate's sale..

August 15, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Uncategorized)
The Sale is ongoing, and has two pages:
Components, Bits and Parts, & Finished Pieces, Classes, Kits and Books.
New items are posting constantly, so check back often or put the Shops on RSS feed if you don’t want to miss an update! The Soul Clearing goes ’til August 20th, with new items listed all day long. Everyone who participates in the sale, whether by shopping or by blogging about the sale, will receive not only my deep appreciation, but a handmade gift from ME, because I love you.

**I would kill to have some of her pieces...sadly, bills prevent such purchases at this time:(**

Thursday, August 13, 2009


It is wet and soggy here, quite strange for being in a semi arid climate. It was raining off & on all night so when I went outside this morning, I felt like I was in a shower without the water. Clouds are heavy and hanging out right over the mountains. It seems very lonely and mysterious like a unicorn is just around the corner....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, got the package mailed out along with a couple of bills. Day job super busy and I get to throw stuff out of the fridge is disgusting, why do people think it is their fridge at home? yuck.........

I made some mixed media dominos yesterday:) hee, ICE resin is here and I will be playing with that later:) I made a steampunk thing so we shall see how it turned out:)

Monday, August 10, 2009


(Bobcat kitten)
We sold a necklace in our VivaMexico shoppe on Etsy. The great happy dance shall commence now:)


It was loads of fun! I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted but here is some for the viewing pleasure:)

Tom with a buddy:)

Boothill graveyard (pic above)

Tom, my boyfriend & I...I still look pink & I wore sunblock 5000:)

I am bad, I didn't get any pictures of Tom with his boys! Dur.......

A repost from Kate McKinnon....go to her blog


Keep an eye on this page as new things go up; I am sorting through my entire life, trying hard to lighten my load, pass on the bulk of my cherished hoard to people who happen to be in Cherishing mode, as opposed to Clearing mode.
Sale starts Tuesday, August 11th.

Included will be bundled lots of beads, books, fabrics, vintage delights, including costumes and costume jewelry, stunningly fabulous shoes, jewelry, and collectables. New work from my upcoming book, Sculptural Metal Clay will be included, as will some of the one of a kind pieces of glass and beads I’ve collected over the past ten years, all at very kind prices.
Help me clear my life, my load, and my soul, won’t you? Check back frequently; the event will go for two full weeks. And pass it on, post it on the forums, your help is greatly appreciated.
Every person who participates in the Soul Clearing Sale will receive a special gift from me, hand-selected from a special little pile of things I have set aside." this is from Kate McKinnon's blog, the link to it is on top.....
I love you!

Friday, August 7, 2009

It is Friday

I think I have a cold. I haven't had a cold in forever but I don't have a sinus infection so I am thinking I have a cold, bleck. Time to stock up on Nyquil and other things so I feel better, bleck.

Tom is the man! He is going to help me out with this business in doing things that I am kind of uncomfortable doing or mom just can't find the time to do it anymore. I am really excited about that so we will be exploring that avenue when his kids go home on Tuesday.

I am exploring Tombstone tomorrow and it should be fun. Now, I need to remember how to edit photos on my laptop and I will be ready to go. I have a bag filled with jewelery that needs their picture taken! I am also looking for classes in digital photography so I can do that better also:)

Please pray that I feel better! I am use to the fibro pain etc but I hate it when I get sick on top of that crap.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kill maim

Dear Lord, I can't get a new photo to upload into our profile......sigh. I hate computers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

London calling

That will be the name of the new necklace that I created last night. I am also venturing very very slowly into make things on the dominos that I have...with pictures etc. I am waiting impatiently for my ICE resin so I can get some steam punk things done as well. I am nervous about it but excited all at the same time because I am getting myself out of the "rut" that I am in creative wise. Now, working on taking better batteries died last night so they are recharging away today so hopefully get going on that because I have TONS of jewelery that I need to get out there.....

I am also going thru old stashes and taking them apart, a really great thing about making jewelery, at least you can recycle a great deal of it:)

Monday, August 3, 2009


I had a great weekend with Tom. He is such a good cook that I have gained 2 pds...yiecks! Back to working out, I get on good periods and then boom, it falls off for a while.

I have purchased the stick so I can get pictures on Etsy:) hooray! Now, I am trying to figure out where the good light will be in my house. I had it made in the apartment with the color on the patio walls....I will have to set up something on my screened in porch, maybe work on some of that tonight...