Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pictures on Etsy

Okay, we are getting better about taking pictures and not having them too dark, now we have to work on getting the pictures formatted right in Etsy, argh!

I wonder if we format it in photo shop will it work right? Something to ponder cause we just aren't getting the real beauty in our pieces on our site. I also am going to practice making my loops round. I taught myself to wrap the wire so my loops are a little loopy for the lack of a better word. I also can not use 2 pliers in making loops. I used a round nose pliers for years before picking up another one.

my doctor

My doctor had a stent put in yesterday and he isn't doing good at all. Please pray for him. I can't give out his name on here but it is Dr M. He is a wonderful doctor & man and I guess a really strong Christian which I didn't know about it.

He didn't do well with his last open heart surgery and they may have to do surgery again.

We are all worried about him!


bad movie.........very bland.

Okay enough of that, bye!


following widget

Okay, sent out message on helpboard to assist me in seeing who my followers are! Want to share that love baby:)

Lunch time & boy this day is going by slowly! Monkey momma coming tomorrow and I know I have announced that a lot but it is SO much funnier and challenging (in a great way) when mom is here to push me into different creative levels!

Mom is a creative person!! She is totally awesome in whatever creative type thing she does! It seems she can pick up everything in a milsecond and I am still waiting at the first gate:) She is my best friend & please pray that they sell their place in Florida so they can come live by me.

I do love my daddy but he and I are a LOT alike so sometimes we get on each others nerves but our relationship is getting much better these last couple of years. ONE thing I will advise, if you do have problems with a family member, work it out. They aren't going to be here forever & you will regret it once they are gone. Also, every family is dysfunctional so if you think you have the only one that is, surprise!!

Now, if I can get Jim, my middle brother down here we would be good!! :) Jeff, who is the youngest is in the Air Force (HOORAY-prior AF veteran here was in the first Gulf War & got sick) stationed in New Mexico.

I know this is a business site but you can put some personal stuff in here too so your customers can get to know you a little bit!

Crafty Chica

I love her stuff!!! When I moved to San Antonio, mom bought me a couple of these books and I LOVE Mexican/Hispanic artwork!!! I love the people, the culture, the lifestyle, as my "Mexican Momma" Ms Margaret who named herself that told me that I have latino soul in my pasty white freckled red haired body:) hee,hee............

Actually, here are some pictures of my living room which shows you my love baby:) Okay fine, this monkey girl didn't download those but I do have them...dur! I also need to mail out a package of jewelery goodies to Ms Margaret who helped me get into the museum giftshop in San Antonio!! She rocks my world and I miss her everyday!!

Funky Monkey Girl,


How do I see our followers? Computer stuff...if someone shows it to me or writes really good instruction that isn't in computer language so to speak, I do okay. But if I don't understand it or don't use it a lot, it dives out my ear and swims around somewhere in my office. If you really think about that, is is gross! LOL

I really haven't done anything creative this week, waiting for the monkey mom who will be here tomorrow! hooray!

Monday, March 30, 2009

In a funk

From many of the blogs that I read it appears that many of us are in a funk. I think we are close to a full moon & working in a medical clinic, sorry people who don't believe, but the weridos do come out & the world does get a bit crazy!

My doctor went home & went to the hospital suffering from chest pains! All the staff is freaking out because he has had surgery before on his heart & he is a wonderful man & doctor. So my prayers are definately being said for him!

I went to the Arizona Ren Faire on Saturday. it was okay, not as much fun as I expected! Now my right hip is throbbing away from the pain!!!! I didn't do anything crafty just cleaned my apartment & tonight is that rest of it. Mom will be here soon & then we will get crafty!!!

At Sunday school, they were giving a lesson on forgiveness. WOW!! It was awesome & I will work on forgiving people that really hurt me in the past but I gave them power to have it affect me for several years!! Guess what, this woman is taking back that power & praying for y'all!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay, no wonder I couldn't find the Ren Fest, it is located at least 100 miles from me about 2 hr drive....hmmm, I got a much better set of directions and will have to think about it. I really miss going to the fest in Minnesota cause it was about 20 minutes from my apartment. sigh....I love driving but we will have to see how much stuff I get done tonight, hopefully I will get some creative stuff done tonight:)

steam punk

I just ordered some components to make steam punk jewelery. Hey, I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy geek who started a convention that is now in it's 12th year, so I need to make some cool stuff for my geeky friends to purchase:)


If you hadn't noticed, I can not spell worth a darn. I am hard of hearing and as a kid because my asthma/allergies, I would never hear stuff correctly. So I have a tendency to spell words the way I think they should be due to me hearing it werid.

Okay, I found on the Impatient Beaders blog a book that will assist me in making ribbon type beads Fabulous fabric beads by Kristal Wick! I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited about it. I had allegric reactions to felt as a kid so stuff like that it totally out for me to make but if you go here


Her fiber beads rock and we used them in many things. Plus she has little stories about her beads, check out her shoppe!

The book that I bought is called Beyond Beads by Margot Potter! I love it. This is coming from a girl who was terrified about using Mod Podge just a couple of months ago. yes....mod podge! So I am werid.

Something very important happening..

The almighty creative and wonderful fantastic woman and mom is acoming to Tucson AGAIN! Let's hear it for the Funky Monkey Mom aka Donna! She will be flying into town on April 2nd and bringing with her jewelery & her sodering tool. Be scared cause the monkey girl will be learning sodering......this coming in time for a woman who has burned her arm, her forehead and thumb at least a couple of times last week doing her hair!

Friday friday (sing like Monday monday)

It is Friday! This monkey has been in a creating funk. More than likely caused by the sheer fact that she has forgotten to take her "happy" pills for several days. That is NOT good for monkey girl & has very bad effects on mood/life/creativity etc.

I have to take them at night because along with all the other medication, it makes me extremely tired thus the HUGE need to be caffinated on a daily basis, oh I love a good cup of java!

I had a brilliant idea to make something from Polymer clay. I must experiment this weekend, great idea and now to see if come out of me is this next step LOL.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

day job

I HATE my day job. Okay I am better now & it will better tomorrow.....but please remember something, that you transfered from a different town and different VA that everyone does things differently. That does not mean that that person is an idiot it means they need help getting into how you do things at this place........................................sigh. I HATE MEAN PEOPLE!

Words of wisdom from Margot Potter

"the visitorscopyright 2006 margot potterFor most of my life, I avoided happiness and success like the plague. Even though they kept offering themselves to me, I kept pushing them out the door. Get the hell outta here; can't you see I am wallowing in self doubt? Helloooooooooooo...The thing is, like some demented Jehovah's Witnesses, they kept knocking. Two years ago, I finally invited them in for some coffee. They stayed for dinner. We had a slumber party, popped some popcorn, watched Willy Wonka, painted each other's toe nails, played truth or dare and watched the sun come up. I asked them to move into the guest room. So far, things are working out for us. I still have to kick sorrow and failure out, but we have been together for so long, it's kind of tough. So, they are camped out in the back yard, just in case I need them. Soon, I'll hook them up with backpacks and send them on their way.It's the strangest thing, isn't it? We truly want to be happy, we long to succeed, we ache for love...but some part of us is afraid of what that will require. We feel guilty, we feel undeserving. If we manifest these things...well...we will have to be prepared to take responsibility for our life, to make some serious efforts, to risk failure, to risk hurting others, to stop playing the victim. Ultimately...it isn't fear of failure that keeps us from succeeding...it is fear of success. Being a failure is easy. It's comfortable. It requires little more than the ability to whine and blame everyone else for our misery. When we live in the lack mentality, we feel that everything we have is so tenuous and so undeserved, we begin to feel that someone is looming over us waiting to take it all away. We are right, on some level. The more we cling to things, the more they elude our grasp.To know true success and true happiness, we must find a way to open our hearts to love; I don't just mean Hallmark greeting card love, or some idealized, sterilized, socially acceptable love, not selfish love filled with unspoken expectations...but unconditional universal love. The love that asks nothing more of us then the willingness to dare...to stand strong...to be...who...we...are. Without shame. To finally and fully take responsibility for every aspect our lives, and to assess what works and what does not, and to be strong enough to admit to ourselves what we have to change in order to open ourselves up to true joy. There is a limitless amount of potential and abundance, right before us at every moment. We have to love ourselves enough to feel worthy of receiving them. That's a tough one. We will also have to understand that our willingness to stand strong in who we are will most likely not make us popular. So we have to ask ourselves...selves...do you choose to be popular and miserable, or do you choose to be happy? I vote for the second option myself.I figure, I have had a lifetime of unhappiness and failure, so from here on out, even in moments of absolute sorrow, I am opening my heart up to receive love, joy and success. I am, as are you, dear reader, worthy.(Oh, and don't forget, it's your movie, Scorsese, so get your ass up there on that crane and start acting like a director instead of hanging out by the food service table eating donuts waiting for someone to tell you what to do.)"It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive." From The Invitation Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Indian ElderBe in Peace,Margot" This is from her blog and she is very very wise!!!

Bracelet challenge

Okay mom & I decided to do a bracelet challenge using the little Mexican pottery crosses. This is mine made with 3 strands of memory wire swarovski crystals, glass and other little tidbits:)

Let me get momma's picture up here to and you shall see how our minds truly think alike!

My mom's bracelet also using memory wire....this is just too werid!

doggie and kitty jewelery

Last night, I made a really cool bracelet. We don't have a lot of bracelets at the monkey house & I honestly don't know why so I am trying to fix that. I will have monkey momma help along of course! It is made from jasper beads and a gray colored shell bird that I picked up at Michaels. I tried to make it very differently from the norm. It worked out quite well if I do say so myself. I will attempt pic later.

I also made some kitty charms that you can hang on a kitty's collar. We bought some glass kitty's from a Tucson show so this is one thing that will be duplicated however the colors of beads with them will be different.

I also took some shots of bracelet that mom & I are thinking about doing a bracelet challenge with! WE are also going to enter some jewelery into the Stringing Magazine & maybe Bead Style as well. We must get our stuff out there since we happen to believe it is different from everyone elses!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cute stuff

Isn't this just too cute!!! I bought it from Kiwi Arts-

I really like her stuff!!! Thanks bunchies Ms Beth!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Margot Potter

Man, I would LOVE to meet this woman! Talk about a cool, encouraging woman! WOW! I love her book that I bought this weekend. I will write down the title so I can bring it to y'all tomorrow. I wonder if she has anything listed on how to make ribbon beads, hmmmm.....

not a jewelery post

I am grieved to hear about Natasha Richardson. She was a wonderful actress! What is so scary is that you do NOT mess around with any type of head injury no matter how well you feel afterwards!

Monkey momma had a head injury happen to her when I was in 9th grade and living in Kentucky. I remember that she always wanted me to rub her head, I was terrified that I would hurt her head worse!!

She is much better now.............sometimes LOLOLOLOL


Okay, I got all inspired and really tried to be uber crafty this weekend...................................well TRY is the word:) Just didn't work out. I did make a pendant out of polymer clay with more of a steam punk look to it. That looks pretty cute, pictures coming later.

Then I tried to make some beads out of ribbon. I couldn't get the bloody ribbon to stayed circled & right. THEN tried to make something more from Polymer clay, couldn't do it, the creativy side of brain went *POOF*

I went to Michael's and bought a pasta machine for rolling clay. I have to clean it first before using it. I got some red velvet hearts and some ribbon that will be too cool together once I figure out how to do it!! I also picked up one of Margot Potter's books....oh they are awesome!! I highly recommend them, great ideas & other ways of looking at them.

Tonight, I do dishes, finish up laundry & do some more clay stuff. The monkey momma is coming again on April 2nd and my apartment got a bit messy but nothing that can be cleaned up really quickly!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh, I am selling stuff at work.........HOORAY! I am also casually looking up pants for me to buy since I have I swear over 10 prs of black pants! I am going to purchase a pair of chocolate colored pants. I get sick of wearing black pants and no they don't go with everything:)

My hip is bugging me like usual but that is normal.

Mom & I are thinking about doing another friendly competition BUT we need you readers to help us out. Trust me it is FRIENDLY:)

Are people reading??

Are you out there? *knocking on computer screens*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

other blogs

This is from a mission here in Tucson AZ and of course, brain farting on name...
Taking a break from printing out those chemical sheets, thank God and I am reading Margot Potter's blog. What a cool person! She thinks like me which is really cool reading it. Some of it I don't agree with but hey, it is her blog, her opinion and I have friends that I don't see eye to eye on things. It does make life really interesting and you think of different ways on seeing things after talking to them:)

Teeth are feeling better. I have been cooped up at my computer all day, now I know what my poor mom goes thru daily!!

regular work

I am printing out Material Safety Data Sheets. Do you realize what scary chemicals there is in a doctor's office? *shivers*

new jewelery

Go check out our shop on Etsy. New pieces being added.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

polymer clay hearts

Okay, I was playing this week taking pictures for Etsy and making polymer clay hearts, inspired by Christi F from CF Originals....here they are, let me know what you think:


Okay ladies and gentleman, in this corner weighing 100 pds & tough & ready to go is the monkey momma aka Donna with her creation:

Okay in this corner is the daughter funky monkey girl aka Jolene with her creation:

Okay time to vote:

Friday, March 13, 2009


This is the view when I pull out of the apartments driveway.....LOVE the mountains!
The momma monkey commented that the necklaces that I just made are rather boring. She is right. I just stringed beads and stuff, ho hum *yawns*

Tonight, I am going home & making something different. I love doing that and have a couple of projects ready to go & get finished that are different.

LONG week and Monday rest of root canal....bleck!


Here are pictures of some of the romantic necklace & the small Mexican cross w/beads.
Well now, the monkey momma made her necklace last night! yipes, I better get going!! It is Friday the 13th.

Now, I need to vary things up a bit:) So please enjoy before we post this on Etsy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay monkey momma and this monkey girl are having a beading contest. I found some smaller crosses made in Mexican pottery........very very cute. We will be making necklaces that will represent Mexico.

We will have pictures up on here and hopefully y'all can judge which one you like the best....I may put this challenge on Etsy too and do some more things with this contest.

Right now, I need to go home & make a Mexican necklace. I can't put a picture on here unless mom has hers done as well...no cheating:)


Thank you cards!!

They are going to be just TOO cute! We got them from a person from Etsy here is her store:

Now, to see if I can get the picture on here, oh I am getting better with this type of stuff! Aren't they just cute! opps, notice a boo-boo. Must contact her!


Horrible day......staff in trouble, MAJOR trouble. Please pray.

sigh...............................and nope, I am NOT the one in trouble!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beading Away again in Margarita land

Actually, from what I understand, when I live in San Antonio, they had the best Margita's.....I never liked those & now I am sober so I guess it is a mute and rather goofy point.

Okay, brain has come back. I finished up with my creation for Stringing Magazine. The theme is Magical Kingdom. Talk about a girlie piece:) I continued with the girlness by making a necklace from soft gray velvet beads, Thai silver centerpiece, swarovski crystals, pink glass, silver cones, pearls & czech glass.

I made another romance necklace from a piece of pottery that looks like a face. It is really cool & will have pictures of that up soon I hope.

I also made a bracelet from black/white stones(I will figure out stone name), swarovski crystals and pearls I believe. I do have a bracelet measurement guide but I STILL make them either too small or TOO huge. sigh. I think this one is about 6 1/2 inches with a beautiful Thai silver clasp.

I also picked up some purple & white polymer clay & plan on making some funky hearts. I really wish I could just use my regular oven but everything that I have read said use something seperate. This is a pain in the arse let me tell you! There was something at Michael's that said it was for baking the polymer clay. I can't get it yet but in a couple of weeks, I plan on it.

Mom & I want to put some supplies out on Etsy, like dichroic glass pendants, pieces of dichroic glass that you can use in polymer clay or PMC projects, some PMC pendants and once I get an oven then polymer clay things. I will never quit creating jewelery but this will be a wonderful addition to the Etsy store.

There was some talk about 1000 Markets on Etsy. I looked at their site but mom doesn't have the time to edit photos for 2 sites....or at least that is what I am thinking:) We really need to get diversed on this. After the teeth or the root canal is done then it is time for me to starting thinking about getting a computer at home. Being rather stupid on computers, I will ask around here at work to get opinions on computers from people who know a lot more of them than I.

I am hoping that it is sunny this weekend so I can get pictures taken of the jewelery that I have been making to get it on etsy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Okay, back from vacation & reading my 5,000 pieces of e-mail from work & personal....sigh.

I was relaxed and having no neck pain...was is the word.

I had a particial root canal and was sick but other than that, it was good.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I just put a request out on etsy to see if someone can make us some cute thank you tags for our Funky Monkey Girls store. I could do them myself but I rather have them done by someone else to spread the wealth around & I can make more jewelery!!

Lucky for me, I have a full time job working for the federal government. I have been in for 20 yrs so it is pretty hard to get rid of me at this point.

I have noticed that since I and I know mom has been really giving glory to the Lord, he has so blessed me and my family!! Shout out to the Lord!! Praise his name!

Now, I am going to go home & make some faith inspired jewelery for our etsy shop.

Hopefully, will be able to get to a computer at a library near me or this will be it for blogging until March 10th.


Oh, does broken tooth hurt so, from thus to thusly to you my sweetie.

Okay, too much pain and the fact I feel my head is always tilting slightly to the left, I will be okay. Honestly:) Dentist appointment tomorrow.

Hopefully, will get to library tomorrow to update all & the cool thingss that I am planning to make for the beading magazine challenge.....Magical forest.

I am filled full of fairies, lights, moss, greens, sprites etc.......................flying castles:)

Good weekend

I went to 4th street and found some small pottery Mexican crosses which will be made into necklaces and maybe a bracelet.

I also made a necklace from the Raki piece that I picked up at one of the Tucson shows. I combined it with chain that looks like wood that I purchased from Michael's a long time ago. What I did different was put the clasp on the front of the piece. I didn't take a picture of it but hopefully it will be on the website.