Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A side note...

I keep forgetting how close I am to California and that I am in Pacific time. Don't ask me why that just struck me but it did!

OH, also a friend of mine from high school who I hooked back up with on Facebook, is living in Las Vegas! So, once I am done with move etc....we are hooking up! That will be so fun to see her! She was a ditz in HS and I guess she still is:) Funny how some things don't change which of course, includes myself LOL!

I am feeling really blessed lately. Yes, the back is bugging me etc but God has just worked such miracles in my life, 1. I don't have high blood pressure nor heart problems (both sides of family) 2. I bought a house. 3. My parents are still alive and mom is my best friend! 4. My brothers are both saved and are such inspirations to me, you just can't imagine!

To be where I am now is nothing short of a miracle. I have had quite the life and let me tell you my guardian angel is bruised and battered but I wouldn't be here expect by the grace of God.

May we praise him on high!

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