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I don't know this lady but one of my blogging friends does so she is asking for help...this is copied from her blog, cancer is evil and awful...

What is a Warrior?
***Please make sure to scroll down, after reading, to see the raffle prizes that you can win for donating. They are awesome! ***
"Cancer", "biopsy", "MRI", "CT Scan", "breast cancer", "Liver cancer", "secondary cancer", "bone marrow biopsy", "terminate your pregnancy".
Can you imagine hearing all those words in a matter of a few days?
This blog is about a woman who has had to hear those words and more.
Hi. My name is Seegal (my family and friends call me Sig). I am a cancer survivor and mother to 8. But this story is not about me. It is about my friend.
Trina is a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She is also a 16 1/2 year breast cancer survivor. Trina knows what it is like to have the world crashing down on you, as she has been through much in her lifetime. Breast cancer, the effects of being bi polar and also the agony of a miscarriage. Through it all, she has lived her life to the fullest.
One would say her life was just really beginning. She finally met the man of her dreams, Josh. They have an incredible 4 year-old son, Asa. They are a very close knit family with her mother (Kathleen/Beya), father (Ysidro/Papa) and sister Cameo's family all living within miles of her. She ran to tell them great news a month and a half ago: SHE WAS PREGNANT!
Then, a week ago, she had pain in her shoulder. The same pain she went to her Dr for earlier (and was told it was just pregnancy hormones). Her mom took her to the ER when the pain became unbearable. Unfortunately, that was the night she heard that her dreams were being destroyed. That night she learned that her "survivor" status was being upgraded to "warrior".
Trina is fighting cancer again.
It seems that the breast cancer she had, was laying dormant for quite some time, and now she has secondary cancer in her liver. We are not going to get into statistics of her prognosis, because that is all they are; statistics. Trina will fight for her life. She was given a 5-10% chance of survival before her first fight with cancer (16 1/2 years ago), and she is still here...she won! It is up to her friends and family to help her survive again.
Her faithful husband Josh already works 2 jobs. He is doing all he can to support his family. Her sister and mom will be watching her son, and Trina's job in the upcoming months will be to fight this demon.
This is where we need YOU. My friends and I are trying to raise enough money, so that Josh will be available to be home with Trina & Asa more. After all, the best thing we can do, besides pray, is to alleviate some stress of knowing they can deal financially, so that Josh can take some time off to be by his wife while she recovers from grueling tests, the very recent termination of a very wanted pregnancy and soon...chemotherapy and it's awful side effects.
We are very well aware that everyone is having a hard time. Some of us are financially strapped due to the economy, adoptions, births, loss of jobs, inflation. I personally understand as my own family is struggling due to major health issues in the last year.Perhaps you can give up a pack of gum and donate $1, or a coffee and danish and give $5, or maybe even a lunch for 2 at Burger King and donate $10. The best thing would be to give up a lunch for your family of 4 at McDonalds and donate $20. On top of that, if you have any gift cards laying around, you can send those along with the money. I know personally that gift cards are wonderful; after my husband had his heart attack we lived on gift cards that were sent to us!
You might be saying to yourself..."I feel awful, but I don't know Trina." or "I would love to, but I just can't right now." This is not only about Trina. This is about being a woman. Do you have a mother, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a best friend? Did you know that the statistics are that 1 in every 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in her life? Do it for them. DO it for YOU. After all, it might be you one day that needs help. Please. Do it because it is the right thing to do.
God bless you all. And may God watch over Trina and her family as they fight!
Sig, Holly, Andrea, Tracey, Julia and JillHow YOU Can HELP:
Buy a raffle ticket. To enter the raffle please click on the 'Donate' button at the top of this page(in the sidebar). The raffle tickets are 2 for $5. If you donate $25 then you will receive 10 numbers and you can divide your numbers up between any prizes that you wish. Your numbers will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your donation and a random number generator will determine the winners. After making your donation, please send an email to with the raffle prize #'s that you would like your number/numbers to go in to. Prizes are listed at the bottom of this post and will end on FRIDAY, May 22nd at 5pm.
Donate a Gift Card. If you have a gift card that you would like to send Trina please send an email to, so that we can let you know where to mail it.
Make a Donation. If you wish to make a flat donation, without entering any of the raffles, please click on the donate button at the top of the page.
Express your Support. Send her your love, prayers and thoughts by leaving a comment below.
Pray for Trina. Add her to your prayer chain.
Spread the Word. Email this blog address to EVERYONE in your address book asking them to donate to a great cause (and maybe win fabulous raffle prizes).
Add a Button. Grab a 'Pray for Trina' button and put it on your blog.
Donate your Facebook status or Twitter as often as possible. You are more than welcome to copy and paste the following:
Please pray for TRINA...visit to see how you can help.
Raise awareness.Please help us get the word out and post this raffle on your blogs (feel free to cut and paste this directly onto your blogs!) and Facebook pages or send a mass email. Even if you can't donate, then we hope we have raised some awareness. After the raffle is over we will continue to give updates on Trina via this blog.
Prize #1:
Picture quilt made by Gia and Nino's GmomRetail Value $300Gmom has been making picture and memory quilts for years. The winner will receive a lap quilt, which is slightly larger than a baby crib-size comforter. The winner will choose some of the fabrics to be used, and the rest of the fabrics will be coordinated by Gmom(Ursula).
Picture quilts can be washed and dried. The example pictured above has been washed and dried many times.Prize #2:One boy -OR- girl handmade chair by 'Thrones for Kids'Retail Value $150
This chair is recommended for age 4 and under. The winner will have direct contact with the maker of these awesome chairs. The winner can select a theme and colors and the chair maker will choose the fabrics. Please note that our little chair model, Kade, does not come with the chair(sorry!). He is strictly in the picture for size comparison:)Prize #3:Sterling Silver “Mommy” bracelet by MJennings Designs. Customized with Swarovski Crystals and Name of your choice. Can be customized with your child’s name or what they call you. Perfect for any Mother or Grandmother. Retail Value $35.00

If the winner would rather have something other than the Mommy bracelet, they will receive a $35 credit to apply towards anything else in the M Jennings Designs store.
Please go to to see all of their personalized name bracelets and beaded jewelry that can be custom made for you.
Prize #4:
(three winners will be picked)
Burp-Itty-Burp Gift Certificate for $15Three winners will each receive a $15 gift certificate to Burp-Itty-Burp. Please go to to see all of the adorable baby and children items that can be personalized for you.
Prize #5:
$25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
A donated $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble will be mailed to the winner of prize #5.
Prize #6
Enchanted Tutu by Sig
Retail Value $25The winner of the enchanted tutu chooses tulle colors, ornamental ribbon color and either a butterfly or a flower for the center. The tutu can be made to fit any size child. The winner will have direct contact with Sig, from Enchanted Tutu.Prize #7:(three winners will be picked)Kick-Ass Bows Gift Certificate for $25
Three winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate to Kick-Ass Bows. Please go to to see that you can create at Kick-Ass Bows. All bows are custom designed by you...all of the time. You create it and they make it.
Prize #8:
(two winners will be picked)Creations by LouLou Outfit

Retail Value ranges from $40 to $60 per outfitThe first number picked will get first choice from the four outfits pictured above and the second number picked will get to choose from the remaining three. Please visit to see her other cute outfits.
Different patterns available. Sizes from 6 months to size 8.
Prize #9:
Hurricane Cross by Sunday's Child by Kimberly Lang
Retail Value $75

The winner will receive a handmade cross in the color of your choice. You will be in direct contact with the maker after the raffle is over.Prize #10:(two winners will be picked )La Chapina Huipil Crafts by ErinPACKAGE A: Combined Retail Value: $18.75 PACKAGE B: Combined Retail Value: $14.50 The first number picked chooses between package A and package B. The second number chosen will receive the one that the first number winner does not choose. Erin lived in Antigua, Guatemala for almost two years while waiting to bring her daughter home from Guatemala. While she lived there, she started an awesome business. Go to to check out Erin's awesome store.Package A:
1. Bracelet and earrings made from natural ivory-colored tagua seeds, small silver tone beads, and barrel beads in a dusky rose/peach color that are also made from tagua. The color is paler and with a slightly browner tone than it appears in the photo. From the top of the earwire, the earrings are approximately 1 9/16" long. Hook is silver plated. The bracelet is a about 7 1/2" long from tip of hoop to tip of clasp. The beads are strung on elastic wire and Erin used a lobster-claw fastener.2. This is a tiny print made by an artist named Claudia Tremblay, who lives in a village near Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. The original is a watercolor of two Mayan women. Printed on thick watercolor paper and is about 2 7/8" X 4 1/4".
Package B:1. This pair of earrings is made from purple and mauve tagua seeds and tiny silver-toned beads. From the top of the earwire, they are 2" long. Hook is silver plated. The seeds and beads are free-moving.2. Erin made this clip by hot-gluing a piece of used corte (traditional Guatemalan skirt made on a foot loom) to a barrette, then hot-gluing on little worry dolls. The hair clip is about 2 1/4" long, not including any little arms or legs that may be sticking out :) The worry dolls on your clip will vary slightly from the one shown
Prize #11Bit of Whimsy Doll by RuthanneRetail Value $75

John Doll

May DollAren't these dolls adorable? The winner of this prize can choose between the John Doll and May Doll. The winner will be able to choose skin tone and hair color. Your child can have a doll that looks just like him/her. The winner will be have direct contact with Ruthanne.
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Trina and Josh on their wedding day

Trina and Josh

Trina and her handsome son, Asa

Trina with her Mom and Dad, Beya and Papa

Trina and Cameo, her sister

Norm and Valentina, Cameo's husband and daughter and Trina's brother-in-law and niece

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