Wednesday, May 13, 2009

back strain

That is what they say I have, I strained my back. Who knows how but I have been dealing with pain, spasms and more pain since Saturday. This is my first day back at work and it is going okay.

The spine is fine which is good, I have to shape up the muscles or something like that. My doctor says swimming is a good thing. Which I will do every night at my new place, here, not good too many screaming out of control children, sigh.

I used to do water exercises all the time in Texas but not here because we only have the one pool. At my Texas apartment building, they had 2, the new house, has 3 pools and what is better, I don't have to clean them or anything :) Praise God.

New jewelery hasn't been made in fact, the beads etc, will be packed up this week or next. We have movers coming but I will have them move all the heavy stuff/boxes and then mom & I can move a bunch of boxes when we can. I am also going to get someone who can clean cause I know I nor mom can. Stupid back!!

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