Friday, February 27, 2009

Girl news......

I think I am having some MAJOR power surges.............sheesh, I need a freezer at work in my office that I can stick my head in!


Hooray for Friday!!!! Hooray that we sold another item!! Thanks to the Lord!!

Monkey mom called me at 0700 to let me know that we sold some more jewelery! Awesome news but too early!! Goofy mom!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Okay, after debating with myself to take an entire week off or just save it, I decided that I am taking it off. I will be on vacation 3/3-3/9. I won't be going anywhere fancy or doing anything exciting but just need some time to get some stuff done.


1. Go to dentist

2. Get car stuff done

3. Get beading room set up

4. Chill out from work

5. make stuff and more stuff and more stuff.

I don't have enough sick time to take off for the dentist & I get 2 days a month off and I have to be within a certain timeframe when my leave goes into next year or I could lose the excess and trust me, I worked for a long time to get 8hrs of leave off every 2 weeks ie payperiod & no body is taking that away:)

Funky Monkey Girl,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

creativity where art thou?

I think the spirit went up north & it is freezing too death up there? Sheesh, I have no idea where my creative spirit went but it sure isn't flowing here for me!

Of course, the was before I was sick & now that I am sick it still isn't here. It is afraid of getting sick, never had that flu shot!! LOL

I thought I had a fever still after being on I am thinking I am hot flashing. Oh to that joy!


AT work

and still not feeling too hot. Didn't get anything done this weekend cause I was sick. Oh well, the best laid plans of mice & monkeys:)

Monday, February 23, 2009


this monkey is going home sick @1200. Running a fever.......

Thursday, February 19, 2009


We received a good critique. We would get more sales on Etsy if our photographs were better. Totally, totally agree.

1. I don't have a computer at home. How is this a problem? no photoshop
2. Mom monkey is WAY too busy this term teaching 5 classes. How is this a problem? She has literally little to no time to get our new pictures posted.
3. No money for me to purchase a new computer.

Any suggestions will be gladly wanted!


Playing with my camera in San Antonio...
I am going to get my bedroom/art studio set up. I will start hauling the stuff from the dining room into it. I will be missing my tv but I do have a smaller one that I can use. I think right now, it is SO VERY MESSY that I just can't think straight or find anything.

I am getting more inspired today. Not doing much at main work, sinus infection so brain doesn't feel like working. Luckly no major deadlines for me:)

I need to contact the registar at the U of A Fine Arts program to get set up for school! I am really really excited & really really nervous about it. FINALLY, doing something that I really wanted to do for a long time to keep moving my creativity forward!


Stuff part 2

Okay, good news on car. It is the fuel level sensor. I can drive it for now but if it goes off again, the check engine light, then I will have to get it fixed for $447.97 for parts & labor.

The computers at work were a nationwide problem, but they are running better today.

I am starting to feel more creative so the creative brain blow out from the Tucson bead shows is recovering LOL!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Car engine light went on last night so that is in the shop, no money until Friday so if it is bad, I can't pay on it until Friday. I can't rent a car credit cards or anything of that nature. So, I am waiting to hear on news.

Luckily, the car place is located right by work so I am at work today & hopefully I can catch a ride from someone.

Computers were super slow this morning but hey, it could be worse!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I just tried to get a picture of the roadrunner that I have seen around work & the darned thing won't stay still.....dang it!

I haven't done anything much creatively. The spirit will come back but we did sell another piece on etsy:) HOORAY!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh MY EYES...........

are killing me along with my neck trying to do this class stuff for work on-line. I totally do NOT want to do it and rather be beading on a beach.


I just posted to comment in Etsy stating why won't you purchase hand made jewelery? I will definately & if money allows me to purchase jewelery items that I don't make or that I think I can make into something really cool, i.e. beads, pendants etc. I do not like to follow trends. I also don't make the same thing twice. I want every piece of jewelery to be unique and one of a kind. I could think about making similiar pieces but it won't be the same.

Many of the beads etc is something that we picked up from a place where we may never get to again or it was just one of a kind to start out with. Mom monkey loves to use big pendants full of stones. I don't mind using those occasionally but I feel that I don't want to make 5,000 pieces full of those items.

I need to get re-tooling some bracelets. I do make them but even with the bracelet sizing tool I own, I make them WAY too big or WAY too small. Plus, I have tons of earings that I need to get on Etsy as well to get those moving.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New pieces on Etsy I go home & measure & make up little cute stories etc...:) The poor monkey mom is so totally busy so I am happy to see more stuffess on there.


sigh, my alarm system isn't working right, was missing a part of a PC, found it again, really want to go home & eat! Which isn't good cause I am trying to eat healthier so I can lose weight and feel better. Since I am whiney today, my hip is killing me and my fibromyglia is flaring because of the cold weather. Okay, I think I am done now.

Snow pictures

Here it is......

Thursday thursday...

I think I am thinking that song that starts Monday, Monday....Almost the end of a very LONG work week. I love going on vacation but find it is so HARD to come back to work. But at least we have a 3 days off. I totally love obsurce federal holidays.

I received some jewelery from my friend Margaret's shop in San Antonio. I have taken apart a couple of pieces and then made a new piece from that. Two pieces I fixed and will hopefully get on Etsy soon.

The problem that we are having is that mom is totally busy teaching on-line, 6 classes at this time period (poor thing) and I don't have a computer that I can play with the pictures to make them look good. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to hear them.

What this means is that any new pictures for Etsy won't be up for a while. I can not afford to purchase my own computer at this time since I have to get my car worked on.....praying to God right now to help us out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Personal rant: One thing that I have noticed, is that I dislike when you blog a comment to someone that they don't reply. I know they are busy etc but can't you at least be polite & say thank you, I am glad that you enjoyed such and such. Not strike up a huge conversation but just let that person know that you at least read it.

I hope that when we get busier that if I forget to do this, that someone will smack me on the side of my head to remind me of this!


I am applying for college again. I have my BS in Business Adminstration but I want a fine arts degree as well. I hope they offer night/weekend classes. It doesn't hurt to start the process.

Polymer pieces

Here they are, please forgive photo quality, I was in a hurry last night with my camera & I are not communiciating all that well:)

Green Girl Studio pieces

Okay, these are the pictures that I made using Green Girl pewter beads & included in these shots is the one polymer lion I made with great help from Christi Friesen, she also helped me to create a mold of such lion. The other polymer clay bead was made from canes provided to us from Lynn Anne Schwarzenberg i.e.the tropical fish bead. Okay, these aren't the best pictures but these are the 2 Green Girl beads

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Snow, we had snow in Tucson!!!!!!!!! I did take some pictures this morning & hopefully will be able to post them here tomorrow.


Monday, February 9, 2009


I had such a great time with the go & learn stuff with polymer clay!!! I had a great time with all the teachers & meeting others. This was my first every experience with this medium & now I am hooked!!!

Be looking for new stuff from Funky Monkey Girls using this medium once I practice a lot more!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hooray I got my new pictures downloaded!!! Now, I am off to the Doubletree Inn for more adventures in beads!!


Can't get my camera to download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extreme frustation.

I didn't have the correct stuff to do my resin so that is on for this weekend. I did get some cute pieces done but can't show you because of computer issues.

This weekend will be better!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crafting part 2

Totally forgot, monkey mom has new pieces to photo & send into magazines....:)


I know how to cross stitch & make wreaths & flower arrangements, you wonder what this has any match to making jewelery but keep reading. *brain thinking outloud preceding now...I want to make different type of jewelery than other people BUT I am a chicken butt when it comes to trying new things out. That surprises the heck out of me because I taught myself how to make jewelery, taught myself how to cross stitch & taught myself how to arrange flowers SO why am I feeling this way??? My brain stating bad things like you are too stupid to do this OR you are too poor and can't afford it. GUESS what brain, YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG!!!! I am going to do it!! I can actually retire from the government now BUT I am still too young to get a decent retirement check so I won't be looking at that for a few years. I am going to plan my days better so when I go home, I do at least a couple of crafty items to get our product out to people & fix my creative cravings. God has given me this talent & I want to develop it in all sorts of various ways. I have some resin stuff at home so I am going to make a resin pendant tonight. I have only had for 4 months & I am doing it, darn it. I am also going to invite some ladies over to my apartment to teach them how to make earings. That way, I can determine if I enjoy teaching. Friday, I am going to the True Blue show & get some tips on making stuff out of Polymer Clay. I am also going to move my beading tables from my dining room into the bead room which has been organized, THANKS DADDY and get that ready to go....end of brain ranting*

I will take pictures of some jewelery that I have at home since I do not have to edit them when I post them here overmuch.
This is the Funky Monkey booth at the Museo Alameda about 1 1/2 ago....

burg mood......

Sigh..............................the folks left today. I already miss them. No, honestly I do but I do like my space to myself. I won't mind at all if they would move down here or over here since they are in Florida full time now. Work is work & my neck is killing me, I had over 400 messages that I had to read! That was not fun at all! I much rather be beading....

This is a sepia picture of a place at De Grazia Gallery in the Sun in Tucson AZ.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Quick post from work, we have worked on a bunch of new jewelery & several pieces mom will be taking pictures to send to various magazines to get published. I am very nervous about this and don't really know why??? Proably fear of rejection but you keep on trying away.

We also re took many Etsy pictures & took pictures of many new pieces as well. When mom/dad get home to Florida, they are leaving tomorrow, then they will be up on Etsy soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tucson Bead SHOWSSSS

WOW....WOW....WOW........the monkey mom & I are popped out!! We hit three bead shows already & today at the True Blue Show was by far the best at least for me!!! Many artists were there that I have either purchased items from Green Girls Studios or have drooled over her stuff CF Orignals!

I have to shout out to Andrew Thornton whom I spent 20 minutes talking to him about putting our jewelery out to various bead publications!! Thank you so much & mom & I are plotting which pieces to send out.

Just wait until you see all the beautiful pieces we have made!!! hee, much stuff to buy and not a lot of money in the coffers.

We took a lot of pictures over for Etsy. Those will hopefully get updated when mom & dad get home to Florida. They leave on Wednesday!!! My apartment is so much more organized and clean because of the dad monkey!!