Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am not packing enough. sigh....I need to get going on this but the fact that I am still in my apartment until July and then the back crap has slowed me down. I can tell also cause I have gained 2 pds!!! NOT GOOD!

Work is work is work.

It is raining again here which is nice;) I do miss a whole day of misting rain showers. But that other stuff that comes from rain...NOPE! LOL

I packed one box of beads and you know what is bad, you can't even tell! I will get this organized when I move into my house. I found an awesome organizer that I can hide all my bead trays, which I need more of, at Costco. It will cover a whole wall. I am getting ideas from various people's journals that I read from here. I know that I like a fairly clean table and bead board before I can start making stuff. Mom has stuff all over the place and still she can create. I need room, I guess:)

So tonight, pick up mom, pay Verizon bill and go to grocery store. I am rather off on my diet plan so it is time to get back on it again....I am trying to walk more and I have some hand held weights that I can at least get my arms into better shape:)


  1. Mom Monkey says,
    I thought was true that creative people have organized chaos!

    Now about that clean table...hummm. She really does have organized chaos and mind is more chaos! Give me four bead board all lined up with 'special bead stuffish'.... MM

  2. Please ignore all comments from momma monkey...coughs.