Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday monday....

Well, we tried to go to Ikea again and my back got in the way like usual! ergh. Mom and I went to a few stores here in Tucson and delibrately got lost to look at cute neighborhoods like I enjoy doing.

Got to church on Sunday, it was a good sermon. Read a bunch of Harqulian type romances so now I really want a guy...sigh.

I have to get off my butt and pack! I have just been too immobile about it and it still hasn't hit me totally that I have a HOUSE that I am moving into. What is my problem? sheesh.

No creating anything but we did buy a cutest make up table and I showed mom what I want my bedroom to look like. I love shabby chic but only want it in my bedroom. We went looking at some second hand furniture stores for things. We bought a make up table. I finally have room for a make up table so that it rather cool:)

The back is feeling better and I am in regular shoes. It is too cold at the day work to wear sandals all the time! I swear my feet turn blue...brrrrrr.

Mom is in the same mood I am in, nothing new to do. We ate at a horrible Mexican resturant. bleck. I miss San Antonio for the great Mexican resturants! I am still looking for one here. If I find one, I will be a a faithful person, I promise!! LOL!

If you haven't guessed, I am a Christian but being a former pagan/wiccan, I don't believe in shoving my faith down people's throats. I will make comments etc but I won't shove my faith down your throat, I have HUGE problems with that.

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