Friday, May 1, 2009

eurka moment

I know where mom and I's creativity has disappeared to, it is in a lovely dish waiting for us to quit thinking about house stuff:) At least, that is where I am hoping it is at because if it left the building, it will be rather hard to find.

I found out that there was shooting at my apartment complex! Okay, very freaking out at this moment! There are a lot of older folks and many who aren't very molble living there and I worry about them. We had a security guard at night but no weapon? He isn't going to be too effective! Oh Lord, give everyone protection at my apartment complex and keep them from harm.

I am quite grumpy at day job land. Flu stuff, provider stuff, changing/setting up clinic stuff....ARGH!!!! Happy it is Friday!

Our weekend plans are going to Ikea in Phoenix to check out furniture. Art stuff in our lives, we have TONS of "worry dolls" and thinking of ways to display them in jewelery etc.....ideas are starting to flow togther. Box of goodies sent to Margaret's store. I need to get more things together for the museum as well than that package will be sent out.

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