Monday, May 18, 2009

Funky Monkey Girls Facts...

Okay a few facts about the Funky Monkey Girls, in case you were curious:

1. Mom aka Donna has always been creative. She supported the family thru her crafts when my dad lost his job when I was younger.
2. I self taught myself how to make jewelery. The only class that I took was a PMC class in San Antonio. I made wire wraps with only one pliers....I still can't use two so my loops are a bit loopey LOL :)
3. My mom & I are best friends! I highly recommend it of course when your mom tells you some stuff about herself, make sure no flies are around to hover in your mouth when it falls open in shock!
4. I was a practicing witch for 14 yrs then thanks for my wonderful family, I am back with God.
5. I taught mom how to make jewelery 3-4 years ago and look at her stuff now, it ROCKS!
6. I am the eldest and the only girl so spoiled....why yes I am.
7. I have 2 younger brothers.
8. My dad can fix almost everything:)
9. I have never been married and no kids.
10. Mom dressed funkier than I do.

Okay there you go some random facts on the Funky Monkey Girls. Have a blessed Monday!

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