Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Studio will rise again!

I wish I had a Frankstein picture to put up here, won't that be too cool:) Latest update, the folks are leaving on Friday, I will miss them horribly but this will give me room to get my studio set up and start creating!!! I am actually running low on jewelery to put out there and let me tell you, that is too cool! Of course, I think my brother in MN has a bunch that he is trying to get into stores up there:) WOW, three states, now that would be cool:)

My head is super full of ideas and themes to make and I am getting impatient, reminds me of Ms Margot Potter:) LOL!

My living room, kitchen, bedroom and both bathrooms are basically all done. I need to hang up more pictures in the living room and the next are my guest bedroom and the studio. Oh, I can paint my studio really funky too....dur, too used to living in apartments, how fun this will be. Must ponder colors and stuff now.....

Mom and dad's AC isn't working that great in Florida so they need to get home to fix it, of course, neither of them are looking forward to dealing with the heat and humidity, yuck.

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  1. My parents are coming next week for a visit; can't wait to see them. Hope you enjoyed your visit!