Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Before and after shots of house

Here are some before & after shots of the house. First will be the kitchen and part of the living room.

So there you go:) After the other rooms get done, I will post them here as well. My poor dad did all the painting and that red, he did NOT like:) Had to put too many coats of paint on the wall but it is worth it:) I have so enjoyed having my folks here, everytime they visit, I learn more about them:)

I know that some of these pictures are repeat sorry, problems with formatting on here with a not that great computer person on the other end.:) LOL.


  1. The new peach hue in the kitchen really makes the teal/green tile "pop" so much more than the old color did.

    Your housing color choices echo the colors in your jewelry -- I think that's great :D

  2. Love the new kitchen and the red wall...very nice.

  3. Thanks ladies:) The peach is gone now cause I am not a peachy sort of gal LOLOLOL