Monday, June 22, 2009

It is Monday!

This is a picture of me before I lost the 30 pds and got new glasses:) This is dated from Dec 2008. I can add a newer picture of me tonight.
I am trying hard to get excited for Mondays...why you may ask, because if you think about it, we wish most of our lives away. "I wish it was Friday or I wish it was Saturday!" What about the other days of the week, yes we have to work but our attitude determines our reality and our happiness. So, I am trying to get excited about Mondays-Thursday LOL!

I had some guests over to the new house. It was so much fun. The living room is almost all painted so I got to put up some pretties and some pictures. Looking much more like me:) ahhh, that is always fun & nice:)

I also sold a bunch of jewelery to my friends mom, who I can't remember her name for the life of me! I am bad, I remember faces but names, not that great at!

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