Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life, Universe and everything...

View of my old living rm:

Starting to sound like a Douglas Adams book...good author, he wrote Resturant at the End of the Universe and several other books, they were quite unusal.

I got the half day tomorrow off:) Praise the Lord! So, tomorrow afternoon, I pick up mom and then off to new house. The movers are coming tomorrow and I am super excited! Dad is coming on Saturday so at least we can start doing some painting in the kitchen soon. We got some super cute shower curtains for curtains in the kitchen. They don't look like shower curtains and I really couldn't find anything that I liked so why not:) Thinking creatively out of the box is a fun thing:)

I am still not packed. We are down to 2 boxes which the rest of plates etc go into and the rest, the good old stand by packing material, no rub garbage bags:) They work really well for clothes. Today, I have a cute outfit on that I haven't been able to wear in several years;) Soon, I will be able to get into my summer box of cute clothes that I was really close to wearing when I was living in San Antonio. Tucson has been awesome to me and yes, God has had that happen to me as well:)

I am so relieved that part is over and it took me over 1/2 the morning yesterday to take care of getting things turned on. Yes, I know I waited but hey, I was a bit paranoid stuff would fall thru!!

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