Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving on Jet Plane, don't know when I'll be back again..

Yes, the move was a success:) Everything is in the house but not unpacked yet. I was lucky to find clothes for work last night:) We are exhausted. Of course, you never sleep well in a new home so I am one tired out monkey right now.

I forgot that my water heater runs on gas so we had to heat up some water using Mr Coffee, yes folks you can use it to brew coffee and to heat water so you can take a sponge bath and wash your hair!! LOL

My gas gets delivered tomorrow. It sounds like a mouse/rat is trying to make it's home under my house so I have to get some poison for it...I don't want to do that but I can't imagine trying to get a poor little cutest mouse out of a trap either......yuck. I don't like killing stuff unneccessarly but no cat etc....too bad a friendly snake won't get it and then move out!! I have to get steel wool today to plug up the hole as well, it is probably got in by my gas stuff..

I couldn't find my alarm clock so both cell phones were set up to go off today. The cleaning crew is coming out on Saturday to the old apartment:)


  1. Congratulations on moving into your new home :) Good luck with all of the unpacking!

  2. This may take her awhile. She needs to decide where it will all go. Or once the mom monkey leaves the end of the month she will not find a thing! Agree? Besides I teach online classes and it is the end of the term and my students want their grades now! We had a road runner crawling across the top of the fence that separates us from the desert. Fun to watch. Housewarming on the 20th! All are welcome, bring your own folding chair! Mommy monkey