Thursday, June 25, 2009


This picture is from a mission in San Antonio Texas that I took before I left there. It is beautiful and has one of the oldest rose windows in the United States.

Do you know how cool it is to read and get inspired by all of you? Thank you for your wisdom and wonderful creative beauty to look at and drool!


  1. Beautiful...I love to go inside churches and look around especially the really old ones. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Notre Dame in Paris and could spend days in there looking around...beautiful!

  2. Old churches are cool to look at:) I wish I had my digital camera when I was at Salisbury Catherdal in England but I think in 1988, there wasn't any such thingLOLOL.

    I would love to see Norte Dame, lucky! I am posting at home where my post a comment is working...