Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rude people

I don't understand people some days or should I state most days. Andrew Thornton had posted on his blog various viewpoints about copying/copyright laws screen shots from other artists blogs. He just stated in his blog that he has received in his e-mail really rude comments from people screaming about it. What the heck?

As an artist, I realize that we do see someone's work and more than likely subconciously copy it. I know that I have done that in the past and who knows, now also. I love posts that explain that and how to give proper credit when credit is due. I have forgotten where/when/how/names of a art bead that I bought or if we may have copied a picture on line and totally brain farted the artist name. Please tell me! I am bad but I do try to keep the name of the artist by that bead but if I don't use that bead for a while, that name could have disappeared and I don't give credit cause I totally brain farted. Give credit where credit is due, write in your description the link/shop name/artist name where you got that bead. Most artists are thrilled that you did that and won't say anything.

Copying is a totally different nut. DO NOT COPY PEOPLE TECHNIQUES OR THEIR ART WORK! Yes, I have in the past used some images that I shouldn't have...notice the phrasing, in the past. I will change it,mix it up, make is my own. Yes, we do get ideas and I do get jealous when I see something that I had thought of but someone made it quicker than myself. Learn and move on....

Take a lesson from fashion, many of the past styles keep coming up but they are different from the previous years by use of fabric, folds, buttons etc. Keep that in mind while you make your creations and you will be fine. I will take my own advice as well. But if you see your artbead or your idea, please let me know so I can fix it and give proper credit where credit is due.

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