Monday, June 15, 2009

painting and wild animals

Back at the day job, bummer. My red and yellow kitchen is coming along wonderfully:) As soon as it is all painted and pictures are hung, I will post it on here.

My dad is sleeping in my studio because of the lack of light at night, I have good lamps etc for the day time hours so no setting up tables etc, I am getting antsy from lack of beading!!!!!

Loreli made an awesome necklace using the Alice in Wonderland theme so I am thinking of favorite childhood stories to do some of the same thing. Thanks for the great idea!!

I think I have 2 families of bobcats that are roaming in the neighbors and mine backyard. It is really cool. I need to water something back there when I get home so I will loads of noise so they know I am coming out. Mom got the best pictures so I will try to get them posted. It is so cool!

Both Funky Monkey Girls and Viva Mexico are back up. I am slowly learning how to edit pictures on my laptop at home so new product will be gradually updated on both sites. Also, we got a couple of shelves at Copper Country so we will be putting product in there this week:) I am excited.

The washer/dryer will be delivered today, it was suppose to be delivered on Saturday but who knows what happened? sigh...such is life. Luckily everyone had enough clean underwear LOL.

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