Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The color that I picked for the living room looks rather like baby poop...the brownish I am changing my mind on that one. The red will work great in the one wall in the kitchen but we need to get some stuff to put on the wall so dad doesn't have to paint it over 5,000 times. We will check the yellow paint tomorrow on the kitchen walls to see if that will take a bunch of painting over it as well. It is going to be just cutest!

I am so feeling the need to bead!!! I am transfering that energy into working on my house, i.e. hanging up pictures, paint colors etc....sigh. I WANNA BEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All my stuff is still packed so I am telling my inner maxine beader person to hold on to her pants and WAIT!


  1. As soon as I or I should state my dad is done painting and my pics are up, will be putting up pictures on here:)