Friday, June 5, 2009

Day job

Why do people need to create more work/issues for you than you already have???? Sigh.....I should have taken more time off from work. I am very irriated and frustated at the day job and when I get home to see the mess there & my back hurts...I get more irriated and frustated. I am trying really hard not to take it out on mom. I am going to ask for some time off next week.

I will pray about it and let it go. My one toliet is running all the time, so I am going to shut off the water on that one and dad can show me how to fix it. I can do it once I learn how:)

Now, my goal, hopefully, is to get the bead room more organized by getting the tables set up and some of the boxes that are temporaily in there, moved into the closet. Dad can help me put up the heavy book boxes so at least those are out of the way for now. Tonight, we go back to the old apartment, pick up stuff, bring back the vaccum cleaner and tomorrow the cleaning people show up, my couch shows up and dad shows up. Busy Saturday.

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  1. Bite size pieces is the way to go, taking it day by day, room by room.. oh that is right you are not one of my students. But it does fit the issue. I see the monkey girl is a little stressed out! I already knew that... Rome wasn't built in a day, etc. etc. Maybe being a home owner is too much for the younger monkey??? or maybe she needs a time out?? I think she needs to spend some time reading or beading and less time thinking... any other ideas??? Love the Monkey Girl..
    The monkey mommmm
    One day at a time, Sweet Jesus..