Monday, August 17, 2009


I must apologize for not answering back posts right computer won't let me on some people, strange. I forget to check this at home but I will start:)

I had a pretty good weekend despite the fact that I could hardly sleep due to my severe shoulder pain due to Fibromyglia....I just asked my doctor to write a consult so I can be seen in pain clinic, what I am doing now isn't working all that well.

The man aka Tom was over this weekend w/the full of seperation anxiety doggie Sadie, we are working on that, so it was stay home weekend. We went for walkies and washed cars, I thought Precious was going to die of "Oh my ghosh, she is actually cleaning the outside of me?" Precious is my 2005 mustang, whom I must get my oil changed today. His car got nice & cleaned as well. We played Scrabble and after I won, I had to promise not to use his scrabble tiles for jewelery, but I did find a place where I can order them (hee,heee). We took a bunch of jewelery pictures using his camera so tonight, I call the monkey mom to remind me how to get them cropped etc so I can list them in our Etsy stores. Loads of Day of the Dead jewelery will be posted soon:)

I am hurting mightly today so I smell like Icey Hot, sigh, luckily for me, I don't mind that smell.

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