Friday, August 7, 2009

It is Friday

I think I have a cold. I haven't had a cold in forever but I don't have a sinus infection so I am thinking I have a cold, bleck. Time to stock up on Nyquil and other things so I feel better, bleck.

Tom is the man! He is going to help me out with this business in doing things that I am kind of uncomfortable doing or mom just can't find the time to do it anymore. I am really excited about that so we will be exploring that avenue when his kids go home on Tuesday.

I am exploring Tombstone tomorrow and it should be fun. Now, I need to remember how to edit photos on my laptop and I will be ready to go. I have a bag filled with jewelery that needs their picture taken! I am also looking for classes in digital photography so I can do that better also:)

Please pray that I feel better! I am use to the fibro pain etc but I hate it when I get sick on top of that crap.....

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