Friday, August 21, 2009

rain rain come again:)

Well, it has the appearance, the rumbling and the clouds with a dusting of rain pellets to state, here I come.....let's hope so because we sure can use it. One of my minions is moving this weekend so he isn't thrilled about it but as he states, "no one nor my stuff will melt" as I state, "as long as they aren't the wicked witch of the west"!

I have been ready Nina Bagley journal & seeing her work. I am truly humbled by her words, the ways she expresses herself and her jewelery, I wish I could create as brightly as her! WOW!!

I should have my camera here today, the sky is so awesome looking and truly reminds you of God's great glory! I can't understand how some people could think that this was all brought to us by a bang?

Well, if I can't leave here early to go to the main VA to pick up a couple of meds, then I will leave @1630 after my tour is done and pray that there aren't any floods etc because Precious is low to the ground and I don't have any paddles to pladdle to work if the heavy monsoons hit!

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