Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have been having loads of problems with my left shoulder. I have a very bad back spasm/strain and nothing I am doing is helping with the pain nor can I sleep. I finally went to the ER last night because I could NOT take the amount of pain that I was in. They checked to make sure that I wan't having a heart attack, woman display heart attack symtons totally different than men, and my doctor gave me some perocet. Mind you, my t4 came in that mail yesterday and weren't touching it. I got back home around 0530 and fell asleep finally.

I am still really hurting now but at least with the perocet, I will be able to sleep. This sucks and now, back to the regular beading portion of this show. The etsy shoppes are totally updated and I will put some pics up on the pics that I got from using Tom's camera...

PS Please pray for me that they will be able to do something to help me out with this pain issue. I haven't had pain like this EVER!

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