Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sheesh, I forgot to blog about something.....for once!

oh, Mr Kotter, Mr Kotter!!! Okay, fine yes I am so showing my age but too bad:) I created something totally outside of what I usually make:) I was going to photo it last night but I need to buy some more batteries for my precious Tom's camera. Yes, he does realize that he may never get it back ever again........anyway back to the aha moment.

I had a domino bead in which I mod podged a Frida self portrait on it, then on the front, I put a F sticker, a flat back swarovski crystal and a pair of wings that I got from Art Girls. Then I wired an old optical lens on it so it pops the is really cool and very different from what I have done before.

I will pick up more batteries tonight after I get done with my CT scan of my head. Just checking the sinuses........I get tons of infections and sinus headaches and yes, I have tons of sinus surgies also so they just want to make sure everything is okay including to check if my brain is still there hee,heeeeeeeeeeee

Watch out one black night in Tucson, if you see me screaming I need brains, may I humbly suggest that you run NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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