Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day........

I am freezing away in my office...brrrrrr, at least I have a sweater in here when the AC starts to get overwhelming. But this is a good thing because I no longer have my TENS unit on, hooray but I am on muscle relaxers and trying to stay awake is quite hard.

The pain is getting better, my shoulder still is painful whenever I take a deep breath but it isn't the type of pain I had before when I doubled over cause it hurt so darned bad!!!!!!!! I refused to give up the battle against Fibromyglia and I will feel better darn it!

I am starting with a multi vitamin and calcium with iron and magnesium in it. Mom looked up natural things on the computer to assist with muscles spasms and one of them stated to take more magnesium, so today is day 2 of the vitamins. Tom is a wonderful man, he washed my kitchen floor for me...he is so a keeper:)

Now to business news, one of 0ur bracelets from vivamexico was in a Etsy treasury this weekend:) I didn't get to see it but mom did. I wrote the person who put us in there a great thank you note. I did receive some items from sacred kitsch and I will put them to use soon. I have to order somemore dominos. Mom loves the ones that I made (thanks Margot for giving me the courage to do so) that are in the Funky Monkey Girls shoppe in Etsy. Tonight, I go and pay a bill and take more pictures and start getting my studio organized. It is a mess and it is driving me nuts!

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