Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My life......

You know, my life is pretty darned great even with all the bills from the new house:) I am basically healthy, my day job is good (even though I seem to whine about it a lot), I make jewelery and fenturing out of my niche, so to speak and the new man in my life is wonderful. Yep, it is official, I am head over heels with Tom.

yesterday, he drove home, 30 minutes one way, to grab the Sadie monster(his dog) and drove to my house another 30 minutes just to cook dinner for us. He knows that I can't drive that well in the dark and made this effort because he missed me. TALK ABOUT MIND BLOWING!!!! No one that I have ever dated has done this type of stuff for me.............I mean NO ONE! I never believed in soul mates before and thought that it was all, I do.

I finally got my special art beads last night & created my piece to enter into the art scene contest. I did take some pictures last night but will take more tonight & then send them in:) I am really excited about it....

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