Thursday, August 20, 2009

today.......I am at day job...

**This is a mission in San Antonio TX** Pic by Jolene.
Well, I SLEPT THRU THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!!!!!!! Praise God! I was on the phone with mom last night & we are believing in reflexalogy so she looked up shoulder pain and I pressed and rub the heck of the ouchiness that was my little toe! That and the fact that I took a super hot tub soak plus with perocet help me sleep all night. It was wonderful!

I am feeling the urge to create believe it or not! I wonder if I am going to make jewelery that is full of spikes and other things to reflect the pain that I am still in? Wouldn't that be interesting?

I am so wishing it was Friday today but it isn't :( At least I am getting work done at the day job so that is a good thing, sometimes LOLOLOL

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