Monday, March 23, 2009


Okay, I got all inspired and really tried to be uber crafty this weekend...................................well TRY is the word:) Just didn't work out. I did make a pendant out of polymer clay with more of a steam punk look to it. That looks pretty cute, pictures coming later.

Then I tried to make some beads out of ribbon. I couldn't get the bloody ribbon to stayed circled & right. THEN tried to make something more from Polymer clay, couldn't do it, the creativy side of brain went *POOF*

I went to Michael's and bought a pasta machine for rolling clay. I have to clean it first before using it. I got some red velvet hearts and some ribbon that will be too cool together once I figure out how to do it!! I also picked up one of Margot Potter's books....oh they are awesome!! I highly recommend them, great ideas & other ways of looking at them.

Tonight, I do dishes, finish up laundry & do some more clay stuff. The monkey momma is coming again on April 2nd and my apartment got a bit messy but nothing that can be cleaned up really quickly!

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