Monday, March 30, 2009

In a funk

From many of the blogs that I read it appears that many of us are in a funk. I think we are close to a full moon & working in a medical clinic, sorry people who don't believe, but the weridos do come out & the world does get a bit crazy!

My doctor went home & went to the hospital suffering from chest pains! All the staff is freaking out because he has had surgery before on his heart & he is a wonderful man & doctor. So my prayers are definately being said for him!

I went to the Arizona Ren Faire on Saturday. it was okay, not as much fun as I expected! Now my right hip is throbbing away from the pain!!!! I didn't do anything crafty just cleaned my apartment & tonight is that rest of it. Mom will be here soon & then we will get crafty!!!

At Sunday school, they were giving a lesson on forgiveness. WOW!! It was awesome & I will work on forgiving people that really hurt me in the past but I gave them power to have it affect me for several years!! Guess what, this woman is taking back that power & praying for y'all!

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