Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beading Away again in Margarita land

Actually, from what I understand, when I live in San Antonio, they had the best Margita's.....I never liked those & now I am sober so I guess it is a mute and rather goofy point.

Okay, brain has come back. I finished up with my creation for Stringing Magazine. The theme is Magical Kingdom. Talk about a girlie piece:) I continued with the girlness by making a necklace from soft gray velvet beads, Thai silver centerpiece, swarovski crystals, pink glass, silver cones, pearls & czech glass.

I made another romance necklace from a piece of pottery that looks like a face. It is really cool & will have pictures of that up soon I hope.

I also made a bracelet from black/white stones(I will figure out stone name), swarovski crystals and pearls I believe. I do have a bracelet measurement guide but I STILL make them either too small or TOO huge. sigh. I think this one is about 6 1/2 inches with a beautiful Thai silver clasp.

I also picked up some purple & white polymer clay & plan on making some funky hearts. I really wish I could just use my regular oven but everything that I have read said use something seperate. This is a pain in the arse let me tell you! There was something at Michael's that said it was for baking the polymer clay. I can't get it yet but in a couple of weeks, I plan on it.

Mom & I want to put some supplies out on Etsy, like dichroic glass pendants, pieces of dichroic glass that you can use in polymer clay or PMC projects, some PMC pendants and once I get an oven then polymer clay things. I will never quit creating jewelery but this will be a wonderful addition to the Etsy store.

There was some talk about 1000 Markets on Etsy. I looked at their site but mom doesn't have the time to edit photos for 2 sites....or at least that is what I am thinking:) We really need to get diversed on this. After the teeth or the root canal is done then it is time for me to starting thinking about getting a computer at home. Being rather stupid on computers, I will ask around here at work to get opinions on computers from people who know a lot more of them than I.

I am hoping that it is sunny this weekend so I can get pictures taken of the jewelery that I have been making to get it on etsy.


  1. Momma monkey always has great advice about buying computers. I am on them about 10 hours plus a day!

    The monkey mom who is too busy! However today I am playing with beads... YES!

  2. Yes momma monkey & daughter monkey will be out looking at computers when she gets here in 20 days:)

    No daddy monkey so the other monkeys can play away!!!!!!