Wednesday, March 25, 2009

doggie and kitty jewelery

Last night, I made a really cool bracelet. We don't have a lot of bracelets at the monkey house & I honestly don't know why so I am trying to fix that. I will have monkey momma help along of course! It is made from jasper beads and a gray colored shell bird that I picked up at Michaels. I tried to make it very differently from the norm. It worked out quite well if I do say so myself. I will attempt pic later.

I also made some kitty charms that you can hang on a kitty's collar. We bought some glass kitty's from a Tucson show so this is one thing that will be duplicated however the colors of beads with them will be different.

I also took some shots of bracelet that mom & I are thinking about doing a bracelet challenge with! WE are also going to enter some jewelery into the Stringing Magazine & maybe Bead Style as well. We must get our stuff out there since we happen to believe it is different from everyone elses!!!

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