Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay monkey momma and this monkey girl are having a beading contest. I found some smaller crosses made in Mexican pottery........very very cute. We will be making necklaces that will represent Mexico.

We will have pictures up on here and hopefully y'all can judge which one you like the best....I may put this challenge on Etsy too and do some more things with this contest.

Right now, I need to go home & make a Mexican necklace. I can't put a picture on here unless mom has hers done as cheating:)



  1. I am so ready, the creation is sitting on my bead try and the wire is ready. Need to post some more comments as work always comes first. My students are important.

    Now I have to figure out how to quite talking to my competition about my 'secret project'! Be nice when judging I am a grandmother!!! :D

    Momma Monkey

  2. Now, we need to be fair oh grannie part II, hee,hee..............Oh, I am in SO much trouble!