Monday, March 2, 2009


I just put a request out on etsy to see if someone can make us some cute thank you tags for our Funky Monkey Girls store. I could do them myself but I rather have them done by someone else to spread the wealth around & I can make more jewelery!!

Lucky for me, I have a full time job working for the federal government. I have been in for 20 yrs so it is pretty hard to get rid of me at this point.

I have noticed that since I and I know mom has been really giving glory to the Lord, he has so blessed me and my family!! Shout out to the Lord!! Praise his name!

Now, I am going to go home & make some faith inspired jewelery for our etsy shop.

Hopefully, will be able to get to a computer at a library near me or this will be it for blogging until March 10th.


  1. hey girls .. could you please take a look at my todays post and share with your friends.. this family needs our help
    all our love
    mona & the girls