Friday, March 27, 2009


If you hadn't noticed, I can not spell worth a darn. I am hard of hearing and as a kid because my asthma/allergies, I would never hear stuff correctly. So I have a tendency to spell words the way I think they should be due to me hearing it werid.

Okay, I found on the Impatient Beaders blog a book that will assist me in making ribbon type beads Fabulous fabric beads by Kristal Wick! I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited about it. I had allegric reactions to felt as a kid so stuff like that it totally out for me to make but if you go here

Her fiber beads rock and we used them in many things. Plus she has little stories about her beads, check out her shoppe!

The book that I bought is called Beyond Beads by Margot Potter! I love it. This is coming from a girl who was terrified about using Mod Podge just a couple of months ago. yes....mod podge! So I am werid.

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