Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Okay, sent out message on helpboard to assist me in seeing who my followers are! Want to share that love baby:)

Lunch time & boy this day is going by slowly! Monkey momma coming tomorrow and I know I have announced that a lot but it is SO much funnier and challenging (in a great way) when mom is here to push me into different creative levels!

Mom is a creative person!! She is totally awesome in whatever creative type thing she does! It seems she can pick up everything in a milsecond and I am still waiting at the first gate:) She is my best friend & please pray that they sell their place in Florida so they can come live by me.

I do love my daddy but he and I are a LOT alike so sometimes we get on each others nerves but our relationship is getting much better these last couple of years. ONE thing I will advise, if you do have problems with a family member, work it out. They aren't going to be here forever & you will regret it once they are gone. Also, every family is dysfunctional so if you think you have the only one that is, surprise!!

Now, if I can get Jim, my middle brother down here we would be good!! :) Jeff, who is the youngest is in the Air Force (HOORAY-prior AF veteran here was in the first Gulf War & got sick) stationed in New Mexico.

I know this is a business site but you can put some personal stuff in here too so your customers can get to know you a little bit!

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