Friday, November 13, 2009

hating my bank...

When my wonderful credit union merged with this evil credity union....not good things resulted. Oh, we promise you will have NO issues or problems with the merge...HA! THEY LIED! sigh. So now, I have to go thru a huge amount of hassle to get my direct depost & other things moved to another bank.

Tom's dad is leaving tomorrow early and we are going on a date:) We only get weekends to see each since we live about 30 minutes away and it is hard on weekdays to get together espically with psycho Sadie who needs puppy prozac cause she freaks when her humans aren't there and even out of her sight.

My parents are coming some time next week so at least that gives me more time to wash the floors in my house. I was hit with the creativity bug so I made some jewelery. I also have to send more jewelery to the museum and Margaret's shop.

OH, I sold another piece of jewelery at the museum!!! hooray! Plus, I need to have a big Etsy sale so I will work on that either day if possible or tomorrow if possible.

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