Monday, November 16, 2009


I had a really nice weekend! Tom & I walked around the mall on Saturday and then got some DVD's GI Joe and Battlestar Galatic, in which I am so getting Tom hooked on:)

Sunday was chilling out and then back to my house I go, getting it ready for parents. I vaccumed a couple of rooms, washed the kitchen floor and cleaned a bathroom. Tonight, I do the rest of vaccumming and dusting. My studio, has a path to get from the door to the tables LOL. I know I keep promising to put these pics on here but after working most of day job on a computer, I don't like being on one at home.

I have some more jewelery on Etsy and I sold another piece:) YEA!! The sale is still on until 11/18 @6:00pm PST. Mom will be here so we shouldn't have any problems building the stores back up.

I am also going to have mom & dad pick up my wedding dress:) I am really excited, I still haven't picked the color of my bridesmaid dresses and I need to get that done soon.

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