Friday, October 23, 2009 is Friday

Picture of catus and mountains here in Tucson.

I got all my packing ready for the show, I can kind of see why I don't do a lot of them cause they are hard work but at least Tom will be able to help me out:) I just hope we can get everything into his car!

My hand made sign turned out okay. I switch my mind and glue beads on so it reads funky Monkey girls with beads, one ribbon and two girls. I have to figure out what I am going to do with the other side but I think I will hammer a mirror on it, I used an extra piece of shelving that I had laying around.

I am so pooped out and I still have to purchase receipt books! Can't forget those & I have some but it disappered, I am hoping it is in one of my boxes and I was so tired last night that I just didn't see it.

I am a bit nervous and excited of course. I may put the Etsy shops on vacation to ensure nothing gets sold twice, that would be a bad thing. The clock is kicking so slowly so I am off to do some more really needs to get done.

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